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Meet the 'Blue-Eyed Beauty' of Television, Harsha Khandeparkar..

Harsha Khandeparkar, the new face from Goa talks about her role in the 9X serial Neelanjanaa and much more...


Neelanjanaa, 'The Blue-eyed beauty', played by the new face, Harsha Khandeparkar is all set to capture the hearts of viewers on 9X from 14th January. The girl from Goa is very eager to strike a chord with the masses, as the simple, beautiful girl, for whom her beauty becomes a bane rather than a boon...

Here is Harsha Khandeparkar in conversation with our reporter, Ranjini Nair...

You are all set to be launched as Neelanjanaa on 9X; can you tell us about your character?

Neelanjanaa is a very pretty, bubbly, simple, fun loving village girl. She loves her family very much, specially her father. She shares a special bond with her friends. She is a tenacious girl who possesses great inner strength and is willing to risk anything for the sake for her loved ones.

Can you tell us the gist of the storyline?

The story revolves around Neelanjanaa. Its all about the trials and tribulations she faces in her life. Due to some terrible circumstances, her life takes a new turn and she is forced to leave her village and move into a completely unknown world, where she meets Akshay Anand the lead hero. Even after moving out of the village to the city, her troubles do not end. The story is all about how she copes up with these difficulties.

So does the character of Neelanjanaa change along with the track?

It isn't her character that changes. It's mostly her personality. Initially, she is shown as a vivacious and fun-loving girl who enjoys every moment of her life. After the incident, she develops a sense of maturity and responsibility.

You are a new-comer in the television industry. Can you tell us something about yourself?

I am basically from Goa, but I have completed my graduation from Furtuson College in Pune. I got my portfolios done there itself and distributed it to different channels. That is how I got a call from 9X for Neelanjanaa.

What made you join television?

Acting and singing is my passion. I watch television a lot and have always dreamt of being a part of the television industry. Choosing acting as a career was in my mind since childhood. .

How is it working with the cast and crew? Tell us something about your co-stars.

It is very nice working with the entire cast and crew of Neelanjanaa. Everyone on the set is very friendly. Although I am a newcomer, they made me feel very comfortable around and helped me a lot during the shoots. All my co-stars are senior and experienced actors. I have seen Akshay Anand's work and when I personally met him for the first time on the sets, I was very nervous. Mrinalji is also very sweet and very helpful. The entire ambience on the sets is very friendly.

So do you have anymore projects in the pipeline?

At present I am tied up with Neelanjanaa and the shooting consumes most of my time. Being new in the industry, I want to concentrate on one project at a time.

So do you have any plans of joining Bollywood soon?

Not really. Right now I am just happy working in television.


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