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'May the best couple win' - Sonali Kulkarni

Sonali Kulkarni talks about her heart felt elimination and admits her lack of understanding of the show. Read on...


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Sonali Kulkarni the latest oustee of Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa quite candidly admits that she was taken aback by her elimination. If after getting the highest audience vote and judges marks for last few rounds, you suddenly find yourself out? It was but natural that I got emotional on stage. So what went wrong that the judges marked you less. "I am a total sport and respect the decision of the judges. They must be having certain yardstick on which they found me lacking."

So who among the remaining contestantants have a chance to win? "All for here, you never know who will get ejected out when. May the best couple win!"

Talking on the reality shows, Sonali admitted that it took her some time before she understood the concept. "This is not just a dance show, it's much more. I did not know that camera will follow our every movement. We are also expected to react to each and very event that happens on the earth", she joked.

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Sonali Kulkarni

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xxMATSxx 12 years ago You know I absolutely hate it that she even made it this far. Not only is she a total bi---you know what, I hate er attitude and not only her but Sandhya too. They both have the biggest attitude and I not just hate them for that but also cause Sonali sucks at dancing. She has improved no doubt about that but she cant live up to the greatness everyone else is and has been putting in. Sandhya does great dancing so i dont think she should be eliminated just for her attitude unlike Sonali. Next,I feel that NEGI HAS TOO BE OUT!!I mean he has too because this guy cant dance if his life depended on it. God only knows how he has even made it to the 2nd round. Minnie shouldnt have been out before him, she was 10 times better. And I am absolutly sorry for being like this but I am brutal but honest.

flowertot 12 years ago theirs nothig personal here but i think it was a fair elemination,she needed to go.
divya_p 12 years ago She improved a lot...and she was guys are too harsh
maha786 12 years ago i never really liked her but it was a happy news tht she was eliminated i mean compared to others she wasnt upto the mark and i guess negi ji shd b the next 1 for sure
-Mystery- 12 years ago I don't have anything against her but I think there are other better dancers on the show who shouldn't have been out.

But oh well, all the best Sonali for future.
Sadie.Saxton 12 years ago I am so happy she is out...
she is a liar as she said she hasnt learnt dance, whereas she has, and she even teaches!
Also,she just wasnt as good as everyone else oon the show
I hope next one out is will be fun to watch finals between Prachi, Jay, and Sandhya
tangina r
tangina r 12 years ago im so happy shes out!!!
she should hve been out much earlier!!!
i hated her comment when tlking about the wild card entry she said tht the person who will come back will reherse properly with all the time in the world and come back and i would be very angry i was like wtf .......i hated her after tht!!!!
wohhooooo shes out!!!
mango 12 years ago she shud be knowing that she was in the final few now...others are there only because of good marks and high audience votes as well...
i hate saying this but i hope the next one to be eliminated is negi would be sad to see someone as good as prachi, sandhya or jay go...
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