Mallika Sherawat Meets Bill Gates; Stands up for Women Empowerment!

Mallika Sherawat has once again made it to the top and this time she has once again managed to get a selfie with Bill Gates. Check out the picture below...

Mallika Sherawat and Bill Gates

Mallika Sherawat might not make it to the headlines regularly, but the Murder actress knows how to grab the audience’s attention. Recently, the actress made it to the list of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’ party at his new mansion in Washington DC. The list included some of the most well-known names from around the globe, however, there’s one selfie that caught our attention. 

The actress was seen posing along Microsoft founder Bill Gates and we can’t stop admiring Mallika for making it to the guest list. Sherawat took to her Instagram handle and shared a picture of her and Gates as they posed for a selfie. Her caption read: “So enjoyed my conversation with Bill Gates abt female empowerment #inspired #billgates #womensrights #femaleempowerment”

Check out the picture below:

It seems the 43-year-old actress had a really long conversation with Gates and as her caption suggests they talked about women empowerment. 

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos hosted a party as he renovated his 11-bedroom Washington DC mansion which is worth of whopping $23million. The lavish mansion boasts 11 bedrooms, 25 bathrooms and a massive garden in the back.

The guest list included some of the most prominent personalities like Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, Microsoft founder Bill Gates and other political heavyweights. Bezos invited his high-flying friends to his home after their exclusive Alafalfa Club Dinner, an annual black-tie banquet.

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