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Major revelation in ‘Pandya Store’; Dhara attempts suicide

Here’s what’s in the store for the viewers of Star Plus show ‘Pandya Store’.

Published: Monday,Jul 04, 2022 06:16 AM GMT-06:00
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Raavi and Dhara

Star Plus show ‘Pandya Store’ is getting quite interesting with each passing episode. The current track of the show revolves around the daughters-in-law trying to find ways to get Shiva back to the house. Dhara, Rishita and Raavi have asked Suman to sell off the Pandya niwas but she told her that it won’t get sold but the trio are adamant and have gone on a hunger strike.

Dev is worried as Rishita is pregnant and she should eat on time. Gautam who feels that Dhara is also expecting a baby is worried for her while Raavi not eating the food will also cause her health issues. Suman thinks of a plan and decides to do Rishita’s godh-bharai so that Rishita leaves Raavi and Dhara and join her clan. Rishita gets tempted to be with Suman but Dhara and Raavi convince her to stay united. Rishita denies doing the godh-bharai and gets adamant on selling off the house.

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Prafulla happens to see Shiva and gets shocked. She realizes that he is alive and has been staying at her house. She thinks of revealing the big news to everyone. Shiva gets scraed and thinks that he needs to leave from Prafulla’s house. He packs his bags and leaves. Prafulla catches him on the door. They both laugh.

Suman tells Dhara, Rishita and Raavi that she will also not eat food until they stop their hunger strike. Dhara thinks of a new plan and acts like dying. She jumps into the well.

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spdp 2 months ago Alice Kaushik & Kanwar Dhillon always pull this show out from pits! The true leads : Shiva & Raavi.
Dhara is gray- need to declare her villian. So is Gombi- who always evades responsibilities.
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Seja1 2 months ago Dharaben kaun? I want Shiva back to Pandya Niwas asap! Kanwar Dhillon and Alice Kaushik are A-mazing as Shiva-Raavi.
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mpks1 3 months ago Dhara is the stupidest character I have ever seen. Never listens to anyone, always does her own thing, manipulates and emotionally blackmails others into agreeing with her, Now they are yet again showing a suicide attempt as a comedy. These writers have lost all their credibility and sensibility, can stoop so low to extent of mocking suicide. Pathetic!!
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WildestDreams 3 months ago “Dhara thinks of a new plan and acts like dying. She jumps into the well.” WOW! 🙄😒
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