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Major drama coming up in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein post Param-Simmi's TRUTH REVELATION!

Parmeet KIDNAPS Raghav's wife, his daughter and poisons her.


Star Plus' Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will soon see Raman (Karan Patel) being dragged behind bars again for a crime he did not commit and Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) running around from pillar to post to save Raman.

The upcoming episodes will see how Raman has reached Raghav's house and is seen trying to persuade Raghav's wife to tell the truth about who hired him. However, Param manages to reach and on seeing Raman there, panics and decides to kill Raghav's wife and daughter who can testify against Param.

Raman will be seen going to get Ishita and in the meantime, Param will kidnap Raghav's wife and stuff her in Raman's car boot. He will then poison Raghav's daughter when she will attempt to reach Raman-Ishita to tell them the truth and will call Simmi for assistance.  

And Simmi will get angry at Param for attempting to kill the child and will be reminded of Ananya. This will then compel Simmi to save Raghav's daughter's life and when Simmi will be seen leaving with the child, Ishita and Raman will reach the place.

Post letting Simmi go, Raman and Param will be seen getting into a huge fist fight post which they will reach the hospital.

However, more trouble will be waiting there for Raman and Ishita when Param (Anurag Sharma) will reach the hospital with the police and will concoct a fake story about how Raman was the one who got Tania murdered and then to cover his tracks, murdered Raghav and is now behind his family to wipe out any traces of his connection with Raghav.

Unfortunately, with all the evidence pointing to Raman, he is arrested for the attempted murders of Raghav and his family, while Simmi (Shireen Mirza) takes away credit for saving Raghav's child's life.

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*Dev.* 2018-08-03T10:02:13Z Wow...What an awkward boring and lame this show has become over the years. Its high time they end this crap.
A HUGE FAN 2018-08-02T01:47:00Z Keep rocking Divyanka Tripathi & Karan Patel. Hope Param & Simmi pay their dues soon.

@shelly_22 Your favorite show is no different either! lol
shelly_22 2018-08-02T01:22:40Z Enough of this Simmi-Parma- Ishita drama. Plz end this crap show now, enuf of this shit plz yaar. Always Over melodramatic Ishita. 2014-10-17T14:26:15Z Such a valid point. You need both a good reader and a writer, both encouraged to pursue their talent, to have the chance of finding original and engaging scripts.
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