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Mahira Sharma's Mom Sania: She is Being Targeted!

Bigg Boss 13 contestant Mahira Sharma’s mother, Sania feels her daughter is being targeted by people who are visiting the house as guests...


Mahira Sharma’s mother Sania Sharma is miffed these days. She feels that her daughter is being targeted for no good reason and she answers it well with facts and figures.

“To start off with, if someone says that my daughter does not do anything in the house and is not a solo player, then how come 3 parathas per person were made while she performed her kitchen duties respectfully. Secondly, she does the bathroom work with efficiency and there has been no complaints till date. Thirdly, name one task where she did not emerge as a winner or as a potential contender? These are all tactics to put her down”.

What we see is 1 hour of the 24 hours spent. If someone wishes to make such statement should also check for additional footages shown on the official app and then there doubts will be cleared. 

Mahira has been a strong supporter for Paras from the start and continues to do so, which does not mean she is nothing without him. They are Ram-Lakhan Jodi, unbreakable and unstoppable. It is a pity that Hina Khan on her recent visit to the house made sure that she mentioned my name to Mahira not once but thrice, only to seed in sorrow in her mind?

What makes it more bad, was that I was misquoted completely. I did not say I feel she is not strong, I said people say that but it should not affect her in the house and it was a taunt for Rashami as she is the one who keeps repeating this. Additionally when Abu Malik said the same, Mahira did not give it back or said anything as she respects him as an elder and senior ex contestant. A lot of her fans and our family know and believe that she is a strong contestant who has survived and performed all her tasks with utmost sincerity, dignity and respect”.

What do you think of Mahira's game inside the house? 

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