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Mahira Sharma's Mom on Meeting Her Daughter: I Couldn't Control My Tears!

In an exclusive conversation with Mahira's mother, she revealed how she felt on meeting her daughter, her advice to Paras and much more...


Mahira Sharma's mom entered the Bigg Boss 13 house in this week's family week to meet her daughter. Inside the house, Mahira's mother had some advice to give to her dear friend Paras and also spoke to other members as well. 

In an exclusive conversation with Mahira's mother, she spoke to us about how she felt meeting her daughter and what advice did she give to various contestants. 

"Mahira gave up on the captaincy opportunity to meet me as she was in a freeze moment. I knew she would do that anyway. I told her that she is doing good and to play the best way she could. Her hands were all rough and she was trying to hide it. I could not control my tears when I saw my daughter that way"

She added, "Talking about Paras, I told him that his girlfriend is doing great outside. I also told him not to kiss my daughter if she insists so. I told him this in a friendly tone without meaning anything else and he too happy understood my feelings."

"I told Sid that I wanted to hug him and he said he wanted to do the same. I kissed Shehnaz and told her to settle the differences between Mahira and her"

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