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Mahira Sharma's Mom on her relation with Paras: They both are playing game!

In an exclusive interview, Mahira's Mother spoke to us about Mahira's game in the house, her equation with Paras, Sidharth-Rashami's fight and much more...


Bigg Boss 13 has created a lot of drama on Television and one such contestant who has been in a constant limelight whether it's her relation with Paras or equation with Shehnaaz, is Mahira.   

 In an exclusive interview with India Forums, Mahira's Mother spoke to us about Mahira's game in the house, her equation with Paras, Sidharth-Rashami's fight and much more...    

 What's your take on the current game? 

 Everyone is playing very good game. Sidharth is playing well, Paras, even Shehnaaz is playing well but there is a bit of differences between her and Mahira. I didn't like it. They both were like sisters for me. I feel that they both should talk to each other and not ruin their friendship for a guy. He is Mahira's friend and Shehnaaz I think likes him since the start. She fell in love with him but he has a girlfriend outside as well.     

 What do you have to say about Mahira and Madhurima's equation? 

 Now Madhurima has started to play the game. To hold one topic and create a scene, to be seen in camera, that's the thing. Nothing else.   

Mahira sort of announced that she loves Paras. What do you have to say?  No, Mahira likes Paras as a friend since the beginning only. They both are together since the start, from past 3 months. Rest, we all can see who doesn't like Mahira and Paras' friendship, viewers and the audience can see it.    

 Paras' girlfriend said that Paras is going a bit far under the name of strategy. What do you have to say? 

Akanksha made the plan before itself and sent him. So if you have only made the plan then shouldn't talk about it outside. Maybe, they are playing their own game to move ahead in the show. Audience likes things like these. They are good friends. Paras has said it many times that he has a girlfriend outside. 

They both are good friends and I think even Akanksha will be here friend when Mahira will come outside. I've heard it in some interview, she never speaks bad about Mahira. Because Paras made a plan before going inside the house, Mahira did not made a plan. She wants to portray her real and natural self inside. If you make a plan and go then it is acting.    

 What's your take on Paras' game? 

Paras is playing well. He is playing well and I have seen that he never misbehaves with any girl, he respects women and he is caring. Even with Shehnaaz, if he friends with Mahira then he is also a good friend to Shehnaaz. He does talk to her as well. Rest, there are so many fights in the house, even Mahira kissed him. She did that because since last 3 months if you keep torturing a person. Even for us, if anyone keeps saying us the same thing over and over again, even if it's not true, if they keep saying, they get they get hurt, if we say yes, they'll get more hurt. Because Shehnaaz likes Paras and it did show on her face as well.   

What is your take on Rashami and Sidharth's fight? 

 See, it's their personal matter. Whatever it is, it would be better if I don't speak on it. They had a rift on one small thing which turned into something very big. The entire episode was about that and they kept stretching it. It could have stopped there but Asim provoked as even he needs a topic. Asim has a childlike personality.   

What's your take on Rashami and Mahira's problems? 

See, Mahira was telling both Asim and Paras to stop. There was one thing which I didn't like at all was when Asim told Sidharth to lick the tea. That is something you eat, talk with a little bit of manners. To ask someone to lick it, I didn't like that at all. Is Sidharth a dog that he'll lick the tea? That was wrong.   

Vikas said that Sidharth is always targeted in the house. Do you agree? 

It is true because they keep stretching one thing.    

Do you think that Mahira and Paras' connection is a game? 

 Yes, they are playing a game. There is no love, they are good friends. See what happens is love can fall apart but a friendship can never fall apart. People also marry in the Bigg Boss house but I have never seen anyone's who got married inside the BB house last except for one I guess. Even that too I think they got married outside the house. Paras who been with his girlfriend since past 3 years, will marry someone in the house within 3 months? They both are playing game and the audience like their Jodi, even I really like their friendship.   

Watch the entire interview in the video below...    


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