Mahesh Bhatt impressed by Teejay!

After a scintillating performance from Karnvir-Teejay, an elated Mahesh Bhatt kisses Teejay as mark of appreciation!!

The under-dogs of Kabhi Kabhii Pyaar Kabhi Kabhii Yaar, Teejay-Karnvir-Tina are slowly climbing up the ladder of consistency and are getting better with every passing week!

This week the sensational couple, Karnvir and Teejay performs on the theme of ‘Love’ so fabulously well that Mahesh Bhatt could not resist appreciating it, and gave a peck on the cheeks of Teejay!! A very elated Teejay told us, “It was a great performance and getting a kiss as well as applause from Maheshji was the highlight!! He is a person who rarely appreciates things and speaks very bluntly”. Teejay was doubly thrilled for another reason. “Maheshji told me that Karnvir loves me so much and the chemistry between us is not present in any other contestant”. So how much did Maheshji award them for this dance? “Well, when it came to points, Maheshji said it’s pointless, as it’s just a formality now”, quips a very happy Teejay.

If this was not enough, the audience present there yelled and screamed with ‘Once More’ pleas and the loving pair sizzled on stage for the second time on the same number!!

Reporter: Ranjini Nair
Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Mahesh Bhatt

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H Bhatt

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All I Have To Do Is Dream
IF He isnt impressed.. He is a FOOL !

13 years ago

Only if teejay wasn;t such a sweetheart I would be so jealous of her. I hope they get to finals! I love them!! I love karnvir! I love Tina!!!!

15 years ago

awwwww i think teejay is so lucky 2 hve hubby liek kanvir!!!!
he seems so Flirty but Luv his wiffy a lot=]
i m so touched<33333333

15 years ago

oh.. i felt really sorri for dimple.. :(

15 years ago

yea yeaa
thts how theyy rolll
keeep rockingg
KaTeNa (H)

15 years ago

awww theyre getting better.
glad to know theyre getting better responses
best of luck to both of them <3 :D

15 years ago

thank god theyre getting beeter now!!
theyre 1st performance wasnt soooo good

15 years ago

thanks... glad they're getting good response from the judges!

15 years ago

aaww, so cute, hope they win the competition

15 years ago

aww,I can't wait to see this episode,and I love the way Karnvir dances with both Teejay and Tina.

15 years ago

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