Maharashtra Vs Punjab in Waar Parriwar...

Catch all the family bonding over music, song and dance On Waar Parriwar on Monday May 26, 2008 At 8.00 pm Only on Sony Entertainment Television

It is Mumbai Vs Punjab this week on Waar Parriwar!!The well-known singer Tyagraj Khadilkar, his sister Amruta and his little daughter Radny take on the might of the Punjab da putars -- maternal cousins Hanit and Arvind from Ludhiana along with cousin Amit from Gurdaspur family.

To judge the ongoing combat this week we have the ever-smiling Shaan and his rarely seen singer mom Sonali Mukherjee on the show. The two set the ball rolling by singing Na jiya laage na from Anand. The two rival captains Tyagraj Khadilkar and Hanit Taneja played the Captain's Knock with racy numbers Cheel cheel chila ke …and O jaane jaan respectively. For the next round Ek aur Ek Gyarah, Tyagraj chose sister Amruta as a partner and sang Jaane jaan dhoondta phir raha while Amit and Arvind belted out Roobaroo…In the final round Hum saath saath hain… little Radny joined her family for Tu ashiqui hai …with such gusto that she got a big hug from Urmila Matondkar. While the Punjabi brothers posted their reply with equal fervour with Dil da mamla …

At the end of the episode both teams were equally poised with almost equal points. The warmth and the rapport shared between the teams were worth watching. While the large-hearted Punjab da putars could be seen giving the thumbs up to little Radny as she performed, the Khadilkars too were supportive of the boisterous music of their rivals. "The show has given us a platform to bond with each other as a family," points out Tyagraj Khadilkar. "My sister (who has recently had a baby) and I hardly got the time to meet each other and now we are together rehearsing, discussing, sharing everything and I am having a great time bonding with my daughter."

Identifying with the brother-sister duo, Shaan offered some great advice. "My sister Sagarika and I had made a pact when she was in Mumbai (now she is in London), that once a week both families meet for dinner, you should do it too."

The Punjabi brothers too have come really close as a family. Children of three sisters, Hanit, Amit and Arvind are now a team off the sets too. Said Arvind, the youngest of them: "The three of us have never sung together. The rules of the show said that three members of the family should sing together we looked around in the family and discovered each other!"

If the contestants are savoring the family bondings then so are the judges on the show. The warmth and sweetness that binds Shaan and his mother is more than visible on the show. Said Shaan: "Had I told her earlier that she has to be with me on the show she would have backed out so I just sprang this on her at the last minute and asked her to accompany me!" smiles the proud son with a protective arm around his beautiful mother. Sweetness and talent runs in this family.

Catch all the family bonding over music, song and dance On Waar Parriwar on Monday May 26, 2008 At 8.00 pm Only on Sony Entertainment Television

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lols ami manjulika ami tumar gola katte khoon khaabo lolsssssss her bengali's v.good

16 years ago

LOL to comment below..and do you know where the majority of that film industry's members come from? PUNJAB. ;)

15 years ago

goo maharshtrians!=D
we rock and u no it=P
does any1 need 2 b reminded where the worlds biggest movie industry is situated?;) hehe
i think sum of the punjabi singers put me off a lil:S maybe its cos i've been hearing punjabi songs for 2 days non stop till 3am every bloody night thanks 2 1 of my neighbours shaadi! grrr!=P
incase any1s wondering, im not marathi!

15 years ago

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