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Madhurima Tuli's Mother: She is Being Provoked by Housemates

This is what Madhurima’s family has to say about her equation with Vishal and her entry in Bigg Boss...


In an exclusive chat with Bigg Boss 13 contestant Madhurima Tuli’s family, we spoke to her parents about her entry in Bigg Boss and equation with Vishal on the show. The chemistry Vishal and Madhurima are currently sharing on the show is creating a confusion in the minds of the public. Let us see what Madhurima’s mother has to say about the same. 

Excerpts from the interview:

What would you like to say about Madhurima’s rising temper on the show?

Madhurima is being provoked by the members of the house. She is nowhere to be blamed for her temper. Nobody should tolerate anything that is wrong. It is important to take a stand for yourself.

How would you react to Vishal and Madhurima’s equation on the show 

Things were quite different when Madhurima and Vishal participated in Nach Baliye. Now that they are inside Bigg Boss house with zero contact from anyone outside things have turned worse. The differences they have can be clearly seen on the screen. I was the one who encouraged her to participate as a contestant in Bigg Boss, It is better to clear things out with Vishal.

Here it seems like Madhurima wants to sort out differences. What do you feel about this?

You need to be professional about your job. Your personal differences should not affect your professional performance. My daughter is trying to sort out differences they had earlier so that they know where they stand.

How difficult it will be for Madhurima to survive in the show?

She is doing better than before. I want her to play the game strongly. Bigg Boss teaches you how to tackle your problems. She is a strong lady. She has handled many things before.

Do you think anybody from the house understands Madhurima?

I watch Bigg Boss on a daily basis and I don’t think anybody is understanding what she is up to till now.

Check out the video here:

On a parting note, her mother said that they are with her as a family and they are happy she will finally sort out her differences with Vishal.

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