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Madhuri Dixit Plans on ending Nepotism? Denies Launching her Sons in Bollywood

Madhuri has denied forcing her decision onto her children and she is unaware of the career choices they plan on apprehending...


Madhuri Dixit has danced her way to the top and India's biggest female star has gained a high pedestal with sheer hard-work and compelling performances. However, she has claimed that she does not plan on forcing her children to make a career in Bollywood. 

While Madhuri’s contemporaries have already upped the competition with their debut into the industry, she does not plan on forcing her decision onto her children. According to a report in Deccan Chronicle, she revealed that she is unaware of the career choices they plan on apprehending.

I do not know what they want to do. It depends on their choice, whether they want to enter films or not. I will not force my sons to pick up anything that I want them to do and launch them or something like that.


Madhuri is one of the most professional actresses Bollywood has ever seen. Apart from that, she is also known to be a doting mother of two - Arin Nene and Raayan Nene. She also revealed being worried about her sons, who are preparing for their end-of-year exams now. 

Talking about their career choices, Madhuri said: 

I am of the opinion that children should pursue what they are passionate about. We should support our children in the field of work that they want to pursue. When they are going to work tomorrow, they should not feel that they are dragging themselves to work or merely going there to work. They should have a lot of enthusiasm for what they are doing and hence I will encourage them to do what they want.

Whenever I think of their exams, I start getting stressed. We need to teach them with a lot of love and in an easy manner that they can understand and will be able to explain so when they write their papers. Parents should stay calm and not pressurize their children. We should never put any pressure on them and try and support the talent of our children in a field that they will be able to perform.


Now that the actress has denied forcing her sons to make a career in Bollywood, will they ever plan on following their mother’s footsteps? 

It seems Madhuri does not want to annex Nepotism in her family!

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gargie24 1 months ago No offence to anyone but at least proof read the article before posting it. It should have been doting mother of 2 not daunting. “The Madhuri “ where do you even let these phrases from?
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