Look what made this 'Ghulaam' actress suddenly MISS her 'Previous Show'?

Some shows leave an everlasting impact...

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Life Ok's first offering of the year, 'Ghulaam' has managed to carve its presence amongst several juggernaut shows. With scintillating performances from Vikas Manaktala, Param Singh and Niti Taylor along with the rest of the cast, the show is loved by many.

One of the major reasons for the cast's brilliant performances is the off-screen camaraderie they share. The cast apparently gels really well off-screen and keep posting fun videos about the same. However, recently, one of the actress on the show, Sareeka Dhillon who plays Rashmi on the show, started reminiscing her previous show while shooting for a scene.

And that show was 'Bharat Ka Veer Putra - Maharana Pratap', where Sareeka played Rani Veerbai Jhala in it. While shooting for a particular scene in 'Ghulaam', the actress had to wear a heavy costume and the actress couldn't help but go down the memory lane-

From a historical show to an action-thriller, the transition has been rather massive, but the actress has managed to ace them both.

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Vikkas Manaktala

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Niti Taylor

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Param Singh

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Sareeka Dhillon

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Bharat Ka Veer Putra - Maharana Pratap

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Comments (20)

Love you NITI TAYLOR!!
Keep working hard

7 years ago

Love rashmi shivani bond
Commenting for Niti Taylor

7 years ago

Commenting again for Niti Taylor , keep working hard gal :)

7 years ago

All are acting very well.. Special appreciation to Niti Taylor for her awesome performance in Ghulaam..

7 years ago

Sarika is awesome as Rashmi si is Niti Taylor as shivani. Vikas us outstanding as Veer

7 years ago

Love the on- screen and off-screen bond between Niti Taylor and sarika dhillon

7 years ago

Niti Taylor doing a commendable job as Shivani :)

Love Shivani-Rashmi bond !!

7 years ago

Niti Taylor is slaying as shivani with her outstanding performance...ghulam rocks...other cast are also doing a wonderful job

7 years ago

Love the bond btw Shivani and Rashmi in the show !!

Commenting for Niti Taylor :)

7 years ago

I actually though Sarika Dhillon was missing YHM as she rocked as Sarika in YHM. I loved her

7 years ago

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