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Like Seriously? Ali and Riya to TAG along with Avni and Neil on their honeymoon in 'Naamkarann'!

With the show constantly topping TRP charts in the UK, it has sure set a record of sorts.


Star Plus' Naamkarann has been keeping their audience entertained time to time with interesting twists. Also, with the show constantly topping TRP charts in the UK, it has sure set a record of sorts.

Currently, the show is focusing on Shweta (Shruti Ulfat) and Riya (Nalini Negi) trying to break up Neil (Zain Imam) and Avni (Aditi Rathore) so that Riya can take Avni's place in the household. Subsequently, the track will proceed towards Neil and Avni's honeymoon. 

It will so happen that Riya will target Bebe (Neelu Kohli) and tell her about how Neil and Avni do not share a 'husband-wife' relation and that they do not even share the same bed. Luckily, Avni will get to know about this and when Bebe will spy on the couple, Avni will dance with Neil, thus proving Riya wrong in front of Bebe. 

Seeing the love and chemistry that Neil and Avni share, Bebe will decide to send them on a honeymoon. 

But problems in the form of Ali (Gautam Vig) and Riya will follow the couple to their honeymoon too! 

Ali and Riya will try to come in the midst of Neil and Avni, but they will eventually end up falling for each other. 

Interesting twist, isn't it?


Shruti Ulfat Neelu Kohli Nalini Negi Zain Imam Aditi Rathore Gautam Vig Naamkarann  Star Plus 

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Nav_Barun 3 years ago I can't wait to see this loving the show and zain imam is amazing
natzcreado 3 years ago Zain imam u slay it as neil in Naamkarann
vidz2122 3 years ago will defntly kill u ali and riya ... we guys are waiting for avneil romace .. and you wanna spoil it ... will kill u
lol_rofl 3 years ago Naamkaran Naamkaran Naamkaran. This is always on my mind. Lol.
Love you AvNeil aka AdiZa
Avneilholic 3 years ago Naamkarann is the currently the best show!! awaiting the new track! Zain Imam , Aditi Rathore are slayinggg
suhaaana 3 years ago n more happy for Ali and Riya to be paired
glad for the new sequence
aditi rathore and zain imam rocks
lol_rofl 3 years ago Hahe waiting for it to happen. Literally glad they will fall for each other atleast they will start to have affection but really dont want them to disturb my AvNeil.
MrDarcyfan 3 years ago Loving Naamkarann so much right now. My new guilty pleasure! Zain Imam and Aditi Rathore, you guys are amazing as AvNeil.

Gautam Vig is also great as Ali and waiting to see how Ali and Rhea fall for each other, which I kind of always guessed may happen. They have a good hate chemistry!
shikhsk 3 years ago Zain imam and Aditi Rathore are doing wonderful job
tanyashah0110 3 years ago Naamkarann rocks...Hope this track comes out well.
Hope, Ali and Riya fall for each other soon...
Zain Imam ur a rockstar..
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