Leena Jumani of 'Kumkum Bhagya' fame shares her experience on playing a Lesbian in her upcoming show

Where she was send her love to the LGBTQ community

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Actress Leena Jumani is loved to be hated as the evil Tanu in Zee TV's longrunner, Kumkum Bhagya, which has pretty much become a stamp role for the actress, and she will be best remembered for it for sure.

However, in an ode to not only break that image, but also prove her versatility, the actress will soon be in Vikram Bhatt's upcoming web show, Maaya 2. The show's trailer went live a few days ago and has created a stir, where it will depict the complex relationship and the several hurdles that two women face, who are in love with each other.

Touching upon the bold concept of portraying Lesbian Love, the show not only stars Leena in the lead role, but actress, Priyal Gor as the other leading woman.

While the show will be going live soon, both Leena and Priyal shared a post with the same message, where they talked about the experience they had shooting for Maaya 2 and how the society continues to question same sex relationships. They also mentioned on how it's weird that in today's modern times, the barrier between us and the LGBTQ community is still not completely broken. Finally, they offered their love and compassion to everyone, including the LGBTQ community, as it takes a lot of courage to be coming out and accepting yourself in the country, we live in-
Kudos Leena and Priyal! All the best for the show!

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Comments (4)

@Cshafkat Liberalism is not a disease. It is a boon. It is something only those will understand whose lives are affected by it. It is because of losers like you who call such people "" filthy faggots" that our country still lives like it's the 1100 A.D.s . For God's sake...GROW UP !!!! Think thrice before saying or writing something becuse it might seriously hurt someone. It already is proven by your choice of words that you did no great job growing up "STRAIGHT" and not a part of the "FIlthy group". LOSER !!!!

On another note...Thank GOd such shows are now being made in this country. For the sake of God, we need to start accepting these people as humans first. Just because we are the ones who fail to understand them, doesn't make them unacceptable. Anyway, all they are asking for is acceptance. And the people who feel they are "Untouchables" should go and get their minds checked. Great Going Vikram Sir. Waiting for more shows on bold topics and taboos.

6 years ago

This is absolutely disgusting. And the people supporting these filthy faggots are even more disgusting. Liberalism is a disease. I dont understand why people are supporting these filthy groups of people. The world is truly nearing its end.

6 years ago

wow proud to see this !
Indian shows are progressing !
Hope people will start accepting the LGBQ community in our country.
I dont understand why are they judged in the first place.

6 years ago

For a second i thought this was going to be shown in kumkum bhagya and got really excited for some progressive thinking on indian telly!. What a let down.

6 years ago

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