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'Leave the Habit of Spitting': Bhumi Pednekar has a New Idea to Fight Coronavirus

Bhumi Pednekar Urges Nation to Fight Coronavirus through Anti-Spitting Campaign!


Bhumi Pednekar is a socially conscious star who has come forward strongly to raise awareness on coronavirus during this lockdown. The versatile actor is now urging the entire nation to fight the COVID-19 pandemic through an anti-spitting campaign that aims to educate people. 

Bhumi says, “We have to defeat Coronavirus and everyone has to join hands! Leave the habit of spitting. We have to save the country! Currently, our country is under the threat of Corona and the fatal disease spreads even by spitting!”

The 30 year-old adds, “The way we all have come together to get associated with the Toilet campaign and pledged to make the country clean! Similarly, let's pledge to make the country Corona free, by avoiding to spit here and there.”

Bhumi has become the face of this campaign for an NGO called Sambandh Health Foundation that is doing exemplary work in the field of hygiene and sanitation across the country


Bhumi Pednekar

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