Lakshay Khurana says ''Humkadam does not have high voltage drama like other shows''

Lakshay Khurana, who is currently seen in Humkadam got talking about the show, his character, and more. Read the conversation here.

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Lakshay Khurana, who is currently seen in the lead role of Raj in the Ishara TV show Humkadam, recently got talking about the show, what he feels distinguishes it from the rest, and more. The actor was last seen in Naagin 4. Read his exclusive chat with us here.

What is your role in the show? Elaborate.

I am playing the role of Raj in the show. It’s a sweet and lovable character. People would really fall in love with Raj, the reason being he is an ideal son and husband. He is a man with great values and has big dreams to achieve in life. Most importantly, he doesn’t want any other women to struggle, the way his mom did as a single mother. He also respects both the ladies in his life and always gives the credit to both of them for the success in his life.

How much do you relate to the character?

I very much relate to the character because the ethics and values Raj has in the show. I have been brought up with the same set of values and the way Raj loves and respects his mother and I equally love my mother. I am a complete mumma’s boy. I am very ambitious and hard working and you can actually see the same in Raj. 

What distinguishes the story of the show?

There is no such high voltage drama which we usually get in other daily soaps as I said the story has a realistic approach and it is very progressive and gives a different perspective too. 

How is the bond with the other cast?

I have a really strong bond with my co actors especially with Gurdeep ma’am and bhumika. And it really helps me as an actor, if you have a comfort zone with your co actors. It really helps to enhance the quality and performance of your scenes.

We wish Lakshya all the best on the show, and hope to see more of him soon.

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