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Kushal Tandon saves the day for the tale of love, revenge and hatred that Bebaakee claims to be

Bebaakee is now streaming and the show does after all fall weak at many aspects, yet, manages to sail through. Here's our two cents on this tale of love, hatred, and revenge.

Published: Monday,Aug 31, 2020 07:41 AM GMT-06:00
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Kushal Tandon

Bebaakee on ALT Balaji and Zee5 is one show that feels like everything done and dusted, and yet, makes you want to stay hooked until the very end. While the story promises to take you on a rollercoaster ride, this one is definitely not one that only goes up my friend. And so, let's get you to have a closer understanding of what the show stands for.

While it is evident that the show explores a love triangle, the three people involved here, Kainaat Sahni (Shivjyoti Pandit), Sufiyaan Abdullah (Kushal Tandon), and Imtiyaz (Karan Jotwani) have rather complicated lives. However, just when one thinks it cannot get any more complicated, it does, and that is when the real deal begins. However, if you think that it means an intriguing storyline ahead, then you might be mistaken because it is as predictable as it gets.

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Interestingly, the saga of love and hate that seems to evolve over the few episodes that there are in season 1, seems to be rushed, and yet, you feel like there is so little you know. If there has to be one thing that is sure to keep you hooked, it is the grandeur that comes along with a show, and it feels aesthetically pleasing to watch. In fact, the creatives as well as the stylists have done the finest of jobs, one of the best in the team, if we were to say.


None the less, not taking away the credit from where it is due, Kushal as Sufiyaan is one of those guys that makes you fall in love with him. For more reasons than one, you love him for being the angry-young man, and yet, you hate him a little. Shivjyoti and Karan, on the other hand, manage to do a fair job, however, it feels like a drag for more reasons than one. The trio along with an interesting supporting cast really tries hard to save the day for this one, and yet, somehow, you don't feel very happy about how the narrative progresses.

Meanwhile, something that is also a positive for the show is the chemistry that the trio keeps up. While there is constantly a sense of tension that exists for various reasons, it feels really smooth as to how things move ahead in that sent. If we were to sum up what the show feels like, we'd say it does not have too many highs, but as opposed, doesn't have too many lows either, barring some rather bizarre moments of course.

None the less, you might still want to watch it if you are just looking to pass your free time while at home and not want something serious!

Ratings: **1/2 stars (2.5/5)

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Minharp167 2 years ago The trailer itself says this is a rehash of 2004 Hit Kahiin to Hoga with similar scenes and setup boxed in a Kjo Style Grandeur Movie. How does BALAJIkeeps on making the same show minimum 4 times I am at loss. Original was KTH then it was Kasturi then Kitni Mohabbat hai, then this. Wow. Neither was as good or popular as the original though.
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