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#KuchBhi: This week was a series of unfortunate missteps!

From Chandra Nandini to Ishqbaaaz, here's what transpired..

Published: Sunday,Sep 03, 2017 19:15 PM GMT-06:00
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Week after week we chronicle the journey of shows on TV to check out what's cooking on screen. As we navigate through revenge plots, brewing romance and family feuds, we stumble upon some rather puzzling scenes. There are scenes that are bound to throw you off and, we're here to spell them out for you. 

From Chandra Nandini to Ishqbaaaz, here's how the past week looked in its kuch bhi moments- 

There's snakes you don't see coming and then there' this slithery friend- 

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Aarambh has an on-going battle conspiracy but that's not even the point. In a case of serious deception, the show gives us much more the reason to distrust what you see. Manikarnika, a kinner tries to enter the palace to demand a meeting with princess Mekhla (Yashashri Masurkar). Just when the princess is about to step out, a snake creeps up in the most unbelievable fashion, so much that we think the reptile did not need a disclaimer saying 'No animals were harmed.' 

Manikarnika just picks up the snake like the clip art cut-out it is and moves in a fixed slither, tossing it away in 2 seconds of fast motion. We're surprised anyone even saw it. Also, this- 

Indramitra doesn't just part water and walk through it, but also grows bigger while the backdrop remains the same. 

Unnecessary roughness on Ek Vivaah Aisa Bhi

Ranveer (Abhishek Malik) is casually lurking around while Suman (Sonali Nikam) is out with Ravi (Ruslaan Mumtaz). When she tries crossing the road, her shoe snaps and she bends in the middle of the road to fix it. Just then, Sindhoora takes a chance at driving over her and leaving her as roadkill, but, she doesn't know Ranveer is still in the background. He leaps to save Suman and as the car veers out of control, the duo in an effort to roll away to safety decide its a good idea to take a few extra turns. They legit roll with their arms locked together for a painfully long time. And, now that the director has achieved enough reason for the duo to have an unnecessary romantic moment in the street, Ravi enters to see them lying there. 

This "accidental" mehendi imprint on Chandra Nandini 

Dharma (Prerna Sharma) is busy applying mehendi for Charumati (Avneet Kaur) as the latter asks her to add the initials of her to-be-husband on her palm. Dharma obliges and write a B for Bindusara (Siddharth Nigam) but, in a freak accident their hands clasp. Now we can excuse the pretentious manner in which the exchange takes place, but how will they explain how the mehendi turned out? The design perfectly transfers to Dharma's hand while Charumat's palm has been smeared with mehendi. Remember how Charumati says love grows stronger if your have your partner's initials on your palm, well we just have to believe Dharma loves him better now, don't we? 

This unsettling set on Ishqbaaaz

Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta) and Anika are delighted they have made their intentions clear and the whole mess is behind them with the pair lovingly gazing at each other. However, we can barely get over the fake moon and the sudden appearance of reporters who in their pretentious tone say the most invasive things. Also, the half-lit scene reveals quite a few set up disparities. It looked a little like this- 

Did you catch any of these moments on TV? Leave in your comments below..

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d.padmini 5 years ago According to me it was one of the best shivika scene..The press /media was called by ragini..To insult annika and shivay turned the table..What so kuch bhi in it
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nikki.171 5 years ago I usually agree with these articles, because they're right. But this time I am unsure as to how THIS scene from Ishqbaaaz is here.
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awkwardpotato 5 years ago hahahah absolutely hilarious... the thing is if you try doing all of indian shows to assess and evaluate them in a way like this it will take forever. Infact one can even write a series of books hahahah. aBSOLUTELY Loved the article. Thank you author for your humourous funny articles, it makes my day..
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Jerry_Chuhiya 5 years ago This list is missing to mention about a princess in a show where she makes a long jump of 10-12 feet to catch a magic wand from going into a male villain's hand. And she did this even being untrained in many activities and with 4 male villains and 1 female villain standing in her presence. I don't understand why every IF articles give importance to only 5-6 shows out of 60-70 shows? Yesterday, IF had an article on Star Plus's show about rape victim after so many months as they always pay attention to only 3-4 overrated Star Plus shows ignoring other shows.2017-09-04 04:08:51
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mishti4maan 5 years ago ok I agree with most of them.. but why the last one? it was a beautiful proposal for a lot of Shivika fans and we don't need the specifics.. it's a beautiful moment for a lot of us so please don't criticize it..
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DarkPhoenix93 5 years ago That was a beautiful proposal! This artcle is #KuchBhi
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Shaina_b 5 years ago Logic is clearly going out of the window for various shows!!!!

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