Kuch aur laao ke chakkar mein we spoilt what we started with: Delnaaz Irani on Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey ending

The actress, who was excited about becoming a part of Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey (KKIS), is reeling from the news of it ending on August 6.

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Delnaaz Irani

Farewells are never easy! Delnaaz Irani couldn’t agree more. The actress, who was excited about becoming a part of Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey (KKIS), is reeling from the news of it ending on August 6 after completing a run of seven months. She says, “It’s extremely unnerving and disheartening whenever a show ends. You can never be prepared for it irrespective of you being a seasoned actor, who has been part of several shows. I have been associated with long-running shows, so, I shouldn’t ideally be feeling too bad. However, I invest myself emotionally in every project and every set becomes my second home. Similarly, the unit of KKIS has become like a family and thus, it feels bad to know that the journey has come to an end. I felt lost when I heard the news of KKIS ending, especially because it seemed like an overnight decision, as the makers were introducing a lot of changes in the storyline. In fact, I was looking forward to my track taking off with my marriage on screen. We needed some sprucing up of the drama on the show but having said that, everyone thought that the storyline was all over the place.”

The fate of a TV show is always dependent on the numbers it rakes in. But we have seen many unconventional concepts being pulled off air in no time because of abysmal ratings. Delnaaz says, “The saddest part of doing TV is that the medium is TRP-driven, a number game I fail to comprehend. Given the fierce competition, everybody wants her show to do well and rule the roost. However, I strongly feel that TRPs shouldn’t be the only deciding factor, as one tends to compromise with quality when you worry too much about the numbers. I think makers should stick to their guns if they believe in their story and shouldn’t alter it just because the numbers aren’t favourable. A storyline is changed every Thursday on the basis of the ratings a show gets. So, every week, we fail to live up to the original story and our conviction. We are only living up to the TRPs, which is so sad.”

She adds, “In such a scenario, I deem it better to be associated with a finite show. I will be clear about the duration of the show and there won’t be major changes in the original story. As an artiste, there will be more clarity thereby making the process smoother.”

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Comments (11)

Arre your show ka PH has no ethics. They will even show bade papa marrying a 10 year old girl without battling an eyelid.

1 years ago

This is what happens when writers want to show incest and victory of evil over goodness

1 years ago

So sad but iska time slot change ho sakta hai sathyia 2 wale slot par and story abhi bhi move ho sakti hai itne negative character ho gaye hai jisse kkis like that uljha hua thread to firstly anubhav ka character strong kar do aur rona dhona band karwa deejiye

1 years ago

i agree with her comments re trp, but you know the show is a goner when the actors themselves think the storyline is crapola

1 years ago

I agree, it is sad how trp is deciding factor instead of story. I hope makers learn to keep the originality instead of butchering shows just for trp.

1 years ago

Too late now. Ab pachtaayet hot kya jab chidiya chug gayi khet. All should have thought and should have taken a stand way before.

1 years ago

Only seasoned actors can have guts to tell the truth. The problem is faulty trp system that need to be changed or else will never get a quality show on itv.

1 years ago

fans have been voicing their displeasure with the story since months and everyone were justify the plot saying that "audience like the track". Now saying this is too late.

1 years ago

Too late!!! Had the makers realised this soon the show could have survived!!! Everything went downhill after the bi-gamy track! The female lead was made as the mistress while the negative character kept getting more screen space. And on top of that the makers decided to kill the male lead!!!! This is the perfect recipe of how to slaughter your own show!!!!

1 years ago

If ever the decision of removing Akriti or putting her aside was made this show would have a long run. Viewers can't take Pakhi and Akriti antics from the same PH, so one has to die....Here it KKIS...The weird decision of making the leading lady as the third wheel the home wrecker.

1 years ago

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