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Krishan Kanhaiya: A mythological comedy series

If Bollywood film OMG-Oh My God has impressed you, then you would love to watch this show as well.

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SHOW'S NAME: Krishan Kanhaiya

PRODUCED BY: Garima Productions

CAST: Jaswir Kaur, Siddharth Arora, Shubhangi Gokhale, Sudhir Pandey, Sanjay Choudhary and Nikhil Ratnaparkhi

TIME: Monday-Friday at 10:30 pm on Sab TV

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STORY SO FAR: Based on the track of the famous film Oh My God, featuring Akshay Kumar and Paresh Rawal, the show begins with Guddi (Jaswir Kaur) singing and dancing while offering her morning prayers to Lord Krishna. As she places a coconut before Lord Krishna in her room, it falls on Kanhaiya Lal Gupta (Nikhil Ratnaparkhi) who was sleeping. Just like a regular routine.

He wakes up complaining God and asking him the reason behind troubling him so much. Kanhaiya is blessed with two children: a boy (Sanjay Choudhary) and a girl, and owns a canteen. Kanhaiya doesn't believe in the existence of God. When Guddi tells him about his daughter Barfi's intentions to study engineering and they need to arrange nearly Rs. 80,000 for admission, he gets worried.

As he fails to arrange the required amount before the submission date, he steals around Rs 50,000 from the temple where he visits daily. He tries to make himself and God convince that this money is just like a God's bank where he and his wife deposits daily.

The moment he reaches home, he sees an idol of Lord Krishna. Being extremely nervous, he blinks his eye and instead, sees his father (Sudhir Pandey) standing. On being asked where Kanhaiya had gone so late, he replied that he had gone to his friend's place to get a loan of Rs 50,000.

Later, he gets tensed as someone calls and texts him through a private number about stealing money from the temple. When the person asks Kanhaiya to meet him, he gets stunned that the person is none other than Lord Krishna (Siddharth Arora). Kanhaiya refuses to believe it as no one else could see the God except him. But Krishna convinced him of being the almighty. Krishna asks him to return his money, i.e. Rs 50,000 stolen from the temple. Refusing to do so, Lord Krishna encounters him in different situations which make his family wonder if he has gone crazy. 

Now, how will Krishna take his money back from Kanhaiya? Keep watching...


The show is a blend of mythology and comedy. As the show has experienced actors including Jaswir, Siddharth, Shubhangi, Sudhir and Nikhil, the chemistry of the family is quite entertaining. It shows the equation between a common man and God. Nikhil performs excellently in the show. Though it has been following the story of Oh My God, it's not a complete replica of that. You can relate to the scenes and questions one intends to ask God in our daily lives. It's something beyond the daily soap operas. A concept which we have been acquainted with, but still entertains us. Besides, Shubhangi's confusion and Jaswir's favourite line, “Jaldi bolo mere pass time nahi hai” adds to the fun element.


In certain cases, the situations look somewhat overdone, but that aspect can be ignored considering the moral that one can learn at the end of the episode.


Krishan Kanhaiya is a family show and is beyond the daily soaps league on the television. It's a must-watch for the kids who will surely get to learn something. Though there are a few more shows based on such concept, this show isn't a bore at all.

Anupreet Kaur

Jaswir Kaur Sudhir Pandey Siddharth Arora Shubhangi Gokhale Nikhil Ratnaparkhi Krishan Kanhaiya  SAB TV 

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1017 6 years ago Enjoying the episodes of this show so far
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Shaina_b 6 years ago So many shows on the same concept!!!!

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