KKK12: Rubina lashes out at Sriti, Jannat heartbroken, Erika evicted

Here what happened this week in Colors' show 'Khatron Ke Khiladi 12'.

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Sriti, Rubina, Jannat and Erika

Colors' show 'Khatron Ke Khiladi 12' has been one of the most awaited shows. The show launched on the weekend and impressed the viewers with the edge of the seat stunts, entertainment and a lot more. 

The first episode of the show had head on stunts where the contestants locked horns with each other. Sriti Jha- Rubina Dilaik, Pratik Sehjpal- Tushar Kalia, Jannat Zubair- Faisal Shaikh, Rajiv Adatia- Chetna Pandey, Aneri Vajani- Kanika Mann, Shivangi Joshi- Mohit Malik and Erika Packard- Nishant Bhatt competed against each other. After all the stunts, Rubina, Pratik, Faisal, Rajiv, Kanika, Shivangi and Nishant emerged as winners while celebs like Sriti, Tushar, Jannat, Chetna, Aneri, Mohit and Erika ended up with the Fear Fanda.

In the next episode, Jannat- Chetna and Sriti- Aneri competed in the stunt wherein they had to lift crocodiles in their given sections. Jannat started off well but Chetna buckled up. While Jannat was struggling to lift the last crocodile, Chetna took lead and completed the stunt before. Jannat was heartbroken and also collapsed after the stunt. She received the medical aid and joined the team. She was later seen stating that she's heartbroken as she gave her hundred percent in both stunts but couldn't win. Rohit motivated her and asked her perform with a better mind set. 

Sriti and Aneri went next. Aneri was quite fiery while Sriti took a while to get the rhythm of the task. At a few moments, it looked like Sriti just froze and couldn't move. Rubina Dilaik lost her cool and lashed out at her and also motivated her saying that a young girl like Jannat has performed the task brilliantly and she shouldn't think of giving up. Rohit Shetty guided Sriti and she ended up winning the task while Aneri was quite close to the victory as well. Aneri and Jannat continued to have the fear fanda. 

Next task was performed by Tushar, Mohit and Erika. It was a head on stunt wherein they were placed on a heighted platform and had to jump from one plank to other and transfer the flags. The catch being that the two platforms would widen slowly, making it difficult for the contestants to jump from one end to the other. Mohit and Tushar did exceptionally well and transferred all the ten flags. Both of them took massive leaps of faith making the stunt look dynamic. Rohit Shetty was mighty impressed by the boys. Both of them got saved while Erika remained with the fear fanda. 

The elimination stunt was performed by Jannat, Aneri and Erika. Aneri performed brilliantly and shocked everyone including Shetty while Jannat too performed decently. Erika couldn't perform better and aborted the stunt. Aneri completed the stunt in 4:40 seconds while Jannat took 5:40 seconds. Erika aborted the stunt and got eliminated from the show. 

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