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Kiara Advani reveals about her dream man and we wonder it's someone like Kabir Singh

Kiara's lack of love interests might be an issue, but she knows what she looks out for in a man. But, we believe these qualities only hint at one character - Kabir Singh...


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In the career span of five years, Kiara Advani has had a successful career graph. The actress has practically managed to grab audiences attention with her beautiful looks and class apart performances in films.

But, Preethi from Kabir Singh was one of the most controversial characters that have been etched into the minds of the masses. The misogynistic approach and of the wildest ideas to live like it was one of the set cash registers ringing at the box office. 

Despite the controversy, her character has created a lot of noise amongst the netizens. Kabir Singh also blessed her with a lot of attention and a huge fan following.

The film came with a huge uproar due to a scene when Kabir slapped Preethi. Somehow, she still managed to love him over a span of many years despite their break-up and that was the chemistry shared by the characters. But, now as Kiara reveals the qualities she seeks in a man, they somehow hit at Kabir Singh himself. 

Now that her career is on track, she seems ready for marriage, but her lack of love interests might be an issue. 

Kiara received an award at last night’s Filmfare Glamour & Style Awards, and when asked what are the qualities she would look for in a man who she wants to date, the actress revealed, 

A great sense of humour, a kind heart, all those perfect things. I want him to have his eyes on me, basically. That's all I'm looking for.

- Kiara Advani

Well, aren't these qualities similar to Kabir Singh? So what is it that makes the netizens so angry (considering the whole Kabir Singh controversy)?

What are your views about the same? 

Comment your views below!

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