Khushi Kapoor set to mesmerize audiences as Betty Cooper in Zoya Akhtar's 'Archie's': Look out now

Khushi Kapoor's look from 'The Archies' is finally out now and you just can't miss it.

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Khushi Kapoor

In a much-anticipated breakthrough, Khushi Kapoor, the radiant young talent from the iconic Kapoor lineage, is ready to take the streaming world by storm in Zoya Akhtar's upcoming Netflix movie ‘Archie's.’ 

Marking her debut as Betty Cooper, Khushi flawlessly embodies the essence of this nostalgic character, resonating with audiences and proving herself as a force to be reckoned with.

Zoya’s ‘Archie's’ breathes new life into the timeless Archie Comics, and Khushi Kapoor's portrayal of Betty Cooper is a revelation. Combining the sweetness of a girl next door with the fiery determination of an opinionated and wise young woman, Khushi strikes a perfect balance that had captivated viewers from the first glimpse. Sharing the same she wrote, "She might be the girl next door but she’s not one to be taken granted for 😏Meet Betty Cooper on #TheArchies, coming soon only on Netflix! 🥰Khushi's portrayal of Betty Cooper promises to be a unique and refreshing take on the iconic character."

While the world awaits the release of ‘Archie's’ to witness Khushi Kapoor's debut, early glimpses from the movie's trailers and teasers have left audiences intrigued and eager to see her on screen. 


As "Archie's" is set to hit Netflix soon, fans are waiting to witness Khushi Kapoor's stellar performance and the magic she brings to Betty Cooper. Undoubtedly, Khushi's talent, passion, and dedication will pave the way for a promising and successful career in the entertainment industry.

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I found Suhana as Veronica more promising from the first look. She definitely got the right ingredients to make it big.

9 months ago

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