Ketaki Chitale, the favorite amongst the Balika Vadhu team?

The buzz is that Ketaki Chitale who is an avid watcher of the show happens to be the favorite when it comes to the team of Balika Vadhu..

There is no doubt that the team of COLORS' Balika Vadhu is eagerly waiting for the new Anandi to step into the show, so that their long wait ends on a fruitful note. 

However, the buzz is that the crew of Balika Vadhu have their own favorite when it comes to the actress to play Anandi post the five year generation leap.

An inside source told us, "Even though the race between the three girls Pratyusha Banerjee, Nivedita Tiwari and Ketaki Chitale is still on, the team of Balika Vadhu apparently has a positive vibe going for the fresh face, Ketakie Chitale. Ketakie seems to have won over the hearts of the crew members with her pleasing and sweet nature. It seems as though the girl has already started to gel well with the team, and this was very evident during the promo shoots that happened recently".

The plus point with Ketakie is that she can relate to the character of Anandi very easily as she herself has been an avid viewer of Balika Vadhu.

Let us wait and watch to know whether Ketakie turns out to be the ultimate choice of the viewers as well as the makers of Balika Vadhu!!

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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noo i think pratyusha is the bestt choice nd she luks quite old and pratyusha nd nivedita luks young

13 years ago

so finally it is PRatyusha who won this race....

13 years ago

i like seconf girl..this is my last choice....

13 years ago

Like the girl in blue dress. She best suits anandi as she has that innocence and charm associated with her.

This girl lacks the screen presence, innocence and charm req.
The blue dress girl appears hesitant but she seems to understand the char a bit better or is naturally shy or something. :)

13 years ago

@regalla yeah i agree wid u.. pratyusha(orange dress) has resemblance to neha.

13 years ago

i know she matches Anandi's personality the most....yet ... i dont like her....somehow i feel .... her face lacks the charm and attractiveness that the rest of the two girls possess.....

i like the first one....though i find an uncanny resemblance in her to Gehena (Neha Marda)......

13 years ago

she looks like anandi.... bahut innocent dikti hai

13 years ago

yeh bilkul thik nahi hai Anandi ke liye promo mein jo blue dress wali thi woh bahot pyaari thi uska naam kya hai?

13 years ago

areh.. wts goin on? :O. yeah .. agar dekha jaaye to .. rite decision hai... cos anandi is healthy so.. its better 2 opt her.. :O!

if it goes by public voting... i think.. it'd be d 'blue girl' whos gonna win it.

13 years ago

mom loves this show lol
i like nivedita.
ketaki looks like a bengali bahu not rajasthani lol

13 years ago

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