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Keshav Malhotra: I Would Like to Collaborate With Avneet Kaur

Keshav Malhotra, who was recently seen with Reem Shaikh in music video Teri Aankhen recently spoke to us exclusively about his experience and much more...


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Keshav Malhotra is a multi talented artist, he's a singer, actor, model and even a composer who has been writing and composing his own songs since he was sixteen. He has performed at many places and captured the masses attention beautifully by his raw and charming personality. Recently, Keshav was seen in a music video with Reem Shaikh titled 'Teri Aankhen' which went viral on social media.

In an exclusive interview with Keshav, we asked him about his experience, who he would like to collaborate with for his next and much more...

You recently did a music video with Reem, ‘Teri Aankhen’, so how was the experience?

See, I am a new comer basically in the industry, but music? It’s all in my genes, it’s all in my family. When it comes to music, it’s my passion, it’s my love. So there is nothing new for me in that. I am putting my heart into it.

How was the experience working with Reem?

It was very nice, it was very smooth. Our energy matched from first meeting itself and the process after that, the shoot and promotions went very easy for us. 

From where do you usually find inspiration for your music?

I would rather call it a vibe, like when I am travelling, when I am going somewhere, actually it’s all about the journey. The vibe hits you instantly. That is my inspiration, it draws me to move further and do something. 

Who do you want to collaborate with next?

Avneet Kaur. I think she is a very beautiful actress and I would like to collaborate with her. I think our rapport will be matched easily. 

We have seen it that this year there is suddenly a trend of music videos. It was there in the 90s but now it has come back. What would you like to comment on that?

I think nowadays people are getting a platform. Platforms like Youtube and Instagram is available for everyone and you can see how easily people achieve stardom through platforms like Tik Tok. See, when you upload something on Tiktok, you are lip syncing. People see where they can get the best and fast opportunity and then they come forward. 

Watch out the video below:

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