Keep The Story Track Going; To Keep The TRPs Going

he change in story track of any show declines the TRP of the show. Then what's the need to bring about this change?

It's now  a trend in the television industry to start a daily soap with a bang- presenting good concepts with good promos before the audiences ,only to deviate from its track as the time passes. Do they need to do so? No, they don't, because doing so they lose their fan following which at last result in the decline of the TRPs of their respective shows. We spoke to Neeraj, creative head of 'Geet Hui Sabse Parayi' -" As per as the scenario of the functioning of the TV, we just have the starting point and we don't have a planned ending. The team behind the show tries different storyline in the tracks. Deviation happens when we are not sticking to the character.TRP ratings fall when we compromise on the character change. example: Maan's character in Geet was aggresive and it couldn't be shown doing comedy."

Volte Face in the story track of any show is never acceptable by the viewers. Some daily soaps like 'Yeh Pyar Naa Hoga Kam', 'Mukti Bandhan', 'Mera Naam Karegi Roshan'  made promising starts with their excellent concepts and promos and gained a good viewer followings. But, suddenly the mentioned serials deviated from their story tracks and the viewers started losing their interests towards these shows.

These shows were seen on their story tracks when they started off. But, with the introduction of new characters and a new story track, the audience start losing interest in these shows and the TRPs begin to spiral down. Tellybuzz Spoke to Akshay Dogra of 'Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon' on Star Plus, a show that has seens its TRP's drop recently -" Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon? is essentailly a love story. It is important to make sure that every character in the show has relative value. There have to be numerous angles that run and have the audience hooked. For our show , we have seen TRP's go up when there has not been a high point in the sotry line". On the other hand, the long running show Balika Vadhu is successful in garnering good place in the TRP rankings, just because they have not deviated from the initial premise.

A viewer decides to watch a soap according to the concept of his/ her interest and if the story starts to move on a different track, it becomes hard for the viewer to accept the change.

In order to keep viewers seated to their couch during the show time, a show needs to be walk on the road where it has to be. Means to say that every serial comes with its own concepts and taglines and it must be on the same track in order to gain a good TRP ranking and fan following. Hope the directors/producers of the show will take a note of this.

By : Anwesha Kamal

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Comments (149)

Love LOVE LOVE and Miss GHSP ! Love Maneet!

11 years ago

Geet hui sabse parayu is the best show till date, and will remain the best for many years tocome... Tv jodis will come and go, and how much ever one tries to argues, no one can beat Maaneet's chemistry.. I hate the creatives for totally turning the story around and runing our Maaneet for us. There were so many tracks to show but instead they ruined our beloved show with comedy track...... Maaneet, come back...

12 years ago

Geet was, is and always remain the best Indian serial...

12 years ago

GHSP was unbeatable so the gurti fan base is always strong..GHSp is one serial its engraved in our hearts and non of Tv serials cud match its concept the aristocracy of the actors and deadly acting of maaneet,the drama...dey sudnt shut the show,and if bcz of StarOne dey did dey sud either continue on Life Ok or else...

i must only say uncomparable show,actors and i really wish GHSp be back on Tv...coz no tv soap can ever win my devil heart excep geet :D

12 years ago

ipkknd is blow our minds away ) Love Arshi . the best ever .

12 years ago

Gurmeet, fantastic job as Yash. We need to see you more in the show.

12 years ago

GHSP was a real magic which worked on me
i loved it
missing GHSP and maaneet

12 years ago

they should bring YPNHK season 2 with Gaurav and Yami they made a great pair

12 years ago

Uhhh..why is everyone commenting on what the best show is when that isn't even relevant to the article? Just wondering...

Before everyone starts bashing me I am neutral so no hate ;p

12 years ago

IPKKND is an amazing show love Arnav and khushi .

12 years ago

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