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Kavya too wants to adopt a baby; Anu asked to choose between Pakhi or little Anu in ‘Anupamaa’

Here’s what’s in the store for the viewers of Star Plus show ‘Anupamaa’.

Published: Tuesday,Jul 19, 2022 06:55 AM GMT-06:00
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Kapadiya family and Pakhi

Star Plus show ‘Anupamaa’ is getting quite interesting with each passing episode. The current track of the show revolves around Anu and Anuj fostering a young girl named Anu. Both Kapadiya and Shah family have issues with their decision but are trying to understand and give them space. Anu’s children Samar, Pakhi and Toshu feel that Anu will not give more attention to them with the arrival of their new baby. Kinjal also fears the same. She wanted Anu to be there for her baby but with Anupamaa fostering a child, it will not be easy for her.

In the upcoming episodes, Anu and Anuj discuss about the reactions of Kapadiya and Shah families. They try to reason with them and understand their insecurities. They take little Anu and put her to sleep. Kavya watches the video of little Anu and get mesmerized. She tells Vanraj that she wishes to adopt a baby too. This leaves Vanraj shocked.

Adhik manipulates Pakhi and tells her that Anupamaa will not give more attention to them as now she has another responsibility named Anu. Adhik informs her that he told his sister about liking her. Pakhi gets concerned about her friends teasing her because of choti Anu. Next morning, Anuj and Anu get mesmerized seeing little Anu playing around the house and how independent she is.

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Toshu and Vanraj get interview calls which leaves the family happy. Kavya states that little Anu has been lucky for them. Toshu had to take Kinjal for a check-up but his interview timing clashes. Kinjal states that she will ask Anupamaa to accompany her but Vanraj reminds her that she might be busy with little Anu.

Furthermore, Pakhi gets furious learning that little Anu will join the same school as hers. She opposes it and asks Anupamaa to choose between Pakhi or Anu.

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BaAZiGar0 2 months ago really kavya? were you and vanjraj getting divorced last month??
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Marielouise 2 months ago How can they do that do they hate little Abu that much
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Fats24 2 months ago Pakhi is a spoilt brat. She was very rude with Anupama and was always selfish. She joined hands with Kavya when it suited her and then went back to Anupama. She changes colours like a chameleon. God knows what's her problem.
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Palak2812 2 months ago She is in college then why she has problem with Choti Anu going to her school which she left
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Palak2812 2 months ago I honestly not understanding problem of Pakhi.
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agshilpa 2 months ago I m sorry to say the creative team has lost its marvels. Pahki is in college: and how come little Anu will be joining her school.
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