Kasauti of the new generation - Check Exclusive Pictures !

After a long time, the wait is finally over. The much talked about generation leap is about to happen in Star Plus' ruling drama, Kasauti Zindagi Ki.

After a long time, the wait is finally over. The much talked about generation leap is about to happen in Star Plus’ ruling drama, Kasauti Zindagi Ki.

Our reporters caught up with the new team of actors portraying the new generation of beautiful and strong-headed Prerna who will now sport white hair as she enters her new role as a grandmother; following the footsteps of the famous K-serial protagonist, Tulsi of Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi.

So lets see what the new generation characters have to say about themselves and their characters; time for a sneak peak into Kasauti ZIndagi Ki’s new generation.


Out of the hundreds of faces, Ekta Kapoor finally found the new generation Prerna. Kritika Senghal will play the role of young Prerna, Sneha and Omi's Daughter. Prerna's oldest Grand daughter is the apple of her eye and is named after her. She is sweet, loving and strong, just like her grandmother. She takes on after much more than just Prerna’s name.

She 's called P2 by everyone. A simple girl next door, yet the most powerful among all her sisters who wishes to follow her grandmother's footsteps and believes in the philosophy of 'Never Fall in love'. Though the story line has been used before, audience still awaits eagerly for this leap to happen to see how the Balaji telefilms deals this concept and weaves it into the storyline.

So what does the girl herself, Kritika, have to say about herself? When asked, she replies

“I've moved here from . I didn't want to be an actress at first, I was here to do my internship in Advertising. A Friend of mine, who works for Balaji suggested that I give an audition for Kyunki, I got selected and worked in Kyunki for a over a month. And then auditioned for Kasauti Zindagi Ki. I don't know where my character in Kyunki is going, I don't decides writers do, but I am sure Balaji will take care of the dates. I play P2 in the show, who is the most responsible of all the sisters and takes care of everyone, and wishes to be like her grand mother, who she adores the most.


Next in line, we have Dhara, Prem and Palchin's daughter. A girl who's personality reflects on her father's name. Falling in love is all that's on her mind. Dhara, played by Wasna Ahmed, cannot wait for her prince charming and sweep her off her feet

When we asked Wasna about her role, she candidly replies,

“Well, I play Dhara's character in KZK, who is fond of love. She loves to be in love. Despite being Prerna's grand child, who isn't suppose to love, Dhara secretly wishes for man of her dreams to enter her life. This is a little different to what I really am. I love reading and spending time with friends. I have recently given my 12th exams, and wished to be a Chattered Accountant. I wasn't really into acting, but lets see how Dhara goes.. We are like sisters on the sets.


Gargi played by Shrijita Dey, the oldest daughter of Tushar and Doris is one of a kind. Along with being the most intelligent, Gargi is the most hyper and panicky of all sisters. Her medicines are the most significant in her life.

When asked to tell us something about herself, Shrijita replied,


Tusshar's second daughter - Jwala is played by Praneeta Sahu. Jwala, as her name says has quite a rage. Along with being beautiful and stylish, Jwala is known for her anger and abrupt personality specially towards guys. Even though, she's a perfectionist, she often treats guys like poodles.


Taara, played by Nidhi, is Tushar's third daughter. 'Kill ya' is one phrase that uses often. The angry young Tom Boy, who hates men. She is ever ready to attack on anyone that comes her way.

Where is Nidhi from?

I came to Mumbai to learn animation, and got selected for Maayka, and Ektaji spotted me, and called me for an audtion. I was even asked to audtion for Kasturi, but I looked to young. Here, I'm playing a tom boy, who hates make up and guys. I'm looking forward to my role in Kasauti and having a lot of fun on the sets.


Kritika, played by Gazala Selmin, is Shravan and Tanisha's daughter. Beautiful yet dumb at the same time. She wouldn't even realize if someone slapped her and walked away. Too stupid to realize anything, Kritika is the bubbly girl who gets her sisters irritated the most.

Gazala's comments:

She some what resembles the character in Hum Paanch - Sweety. I was given that character by Ekta, she decides the best for her show, I didn't ask her why was I given this character, but I guess he believes that I can carry out this character well. I have done a couple shows with balaji, Mano ya na mano and a few others. It feels great to be working with the other girls, we are like sisters in real life. I don't go home at all, so this is like a home production (giggles). Well, this is a family, there is no attitude from the senior actors, they are nice to us and help us out a lot. I haven't shot with Sweta yet, but I heard that she's really nice and so far I have had a great experience.


The youngest of all of them is Kanishtha, the cutest devil on earth. The gossip monger and the mischief creator with a million dollar smile. Kanishtha is played by the eight year old, Rudrakshi Shetty.


So looks like Kasauti’s new generation might have lots and lots of twists, interesting stories and a whole new look for the show. The new leap has managed to convince many people to start watching the show. So lets see what the directors have in store for us as the audience looks on with high hopes.

Reporter: Hiral Bhatt
Writers: Hiral Bhatt, Virgo_Stars

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You do know Jwala played Malisshka in Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii and she was supposed to be Kasturi in Kasturi but she wanted a side role later so she chose Kasautii as Jwala.

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Wow, I did not know he was 46! He does not look his age at all, age seems to have forgot to do its damage to him. Well a happy birthday to you Suniel^^

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