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Karishma Tanna: Once everything is normal, I’ll definitely do a Web series & Music Video in 2020!

Karishma Tanna spoke about her routine in the self quarantine period, working in web series and music videos, reuniting with Naagin co-stars and much more…


Actress Karishma Tanna who is currently seen in Khatron ke Khiladi Season 10 got in a fun and candid conversation with us, where she spoke about how she is spending her time in the lockdown, her routine, reuniting with Naagin co-stars, working in a web series and much more.

Karishma spoke about spending time in the quarantine by saying, “I am kind of a girl who likes to not sit at home, work continuously being a workaholic, this has been very very difficult, we are still blessed that we have a house, we have food to eat, we have shelter, we have our staff with us, family with us so I am still lucky I feel.”

Talking about her routine these days, Karishma said, “I am spending half my time watching series, I finished a couple of series. I am doing a little bit of yoga and exercise, just sweating it out.”

Karishma also revealed that this year she will be seen in web series and music video, she said, “This year. 2020, once everything is normal, I will definitely do a web series and a music video for sure.” 

When asked her when is she going to reunite with her Naagin co-stars Pearl and Surbhi , she said, “If we get a chance we will definitely do something, I would love to work with entire team of naagin be it surbhi or pearl, I might do a music album with pearl, we have not finalised yet, once the song is selected and everything then we will see, I am sure pearl will also so something with surbhi soon.”

She spoke about her reason behind her courage in khatron ke khiladi, she said, “I didn’t do this show for a long time because I thought I dont have the mental strength and courage to do this show, Then finally I said yes to them, I knew if I become hyper and if I lose my mind while doing a stunt, I won't be able to perform any stunt, before going to any stunt I used to literally pray for 15 seconds and used to say that god please keep me calm. It is more a mental game than a physical game.”

Talking about people abandoning their pets and the misconception regarding the spread of coronavirus because of the pets, Karishma said, “I would say they are a bunch of illiterates that they are abandoning their pets, that means they never took them as their family. If you are keeping a dog in your family that means that they are your family, they are not your servants or garbage that you can throw anytime you want. I think it's a very illiterate move and I can only request with joined hands that don’t abandon your family, because they don't spread virus, they only spread love.”


Karishma Tanna

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Meena_J 3 months ago Why can't EK get fresh talent on board? Always relying on fanbase popularity. Also, her naagins FLs are said to be 25 years old whereas she'll bring cast 5-6 years older except for Adaa in S1.
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