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Kareena spotted at a book launch event with Rujuta Diwekar!

Bollywood sensation, Kareena Kapoor Khan was recently spotted with her dietician Rujuta Diwekar at her latest book 'Pregnancy Notes'' launch event and revealed some mind blowing secrets about her optimistic behaviour throughout the pregnancy.


Bollywood's biggest sensation Kareena Kapoor Khan was recently spotted at a book launch event by her nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar. Bebo is a diva in her own right and an icon for millions who love everything about her. She is a true believer of clean, healthy eating and gets her diet wisdom from the celebrity nutritionist Rujuta.

Infact, Rujuta has written several books on diets and Bebo has always been a prominent part of the promotion. The two make a good team and often get together for live sessions to bust out the myths about the way to a healthy diet.

Kareena even mentioned in a recent live session that she had a diet concern when she was planning her baby and that she had a secret discussion about the same with Rujuta.

She said that she always wanted to have a strong and healthy pregnancy. So when Bebo was pregnant, it wasn't a surprise that she looked so good and more importantly healthy. Kareena is now working towards losing her post-pregnancy weight and that too in a healthy way by hitting gym, yoga sessions and eating right.

Bebo inspired many to-be moms by suggesting them to have an active life despite being pregnant. Keeping in mind that people would want to know what Kareena eats and how she's shedding those extra kilos, Rujuta came up with the idea of 'Pregnancy Notes'.

'Pregnancy Notes' is a guide for any woman who wants to ensure she has a healthy pregnancy, for those who are already pregnant and for mothers who have recently delivered. According to her, the book reveals everything about diet and nutrition before, during and after pregnancy. She even mentioned that the idea of 'Pregnancy Notes' occurred to her when Kareena and few of her clients got pregnant. Rujuta is best known for her love for Indian food and simple eating. She doesn't believe in eating exotic foods that really are not grown in India and also advises people not to give up on foods like ghee, rice, sugar etc. in order to lose weight.

So women, if you are planning a pregnancy, you can do it the Kareena way by following 'Pregnancy Notes' and enjoy this phase of your life without compromising your health.

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