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Karan Johar CLARIFIES 10 suitcases Fiasco for Isha Ambani's engagement

The reason will make you go ROFL...


This is the man who aims to dethrone Sonam Kapoor from her throne of being a fashionista. He calls himself a fashion victim and says that he he lost weight just because he was obsessed with fashion, clothing and brands. 

He is so crazy about fashion that he gets mad when someone beats him to sporting an outfit. Now if you all remember well, he was the man who took 10 suitcases for a single look at Isha Ambani's engagement in Italy. He left the fans and even the celebrities wondering about his plans. 

Recently, he revealed the big secret about the 10 briefcases. In a chat show with Neha Dhupia, he said,"I've to tell you the schedule was such that I was going to London was 3 days which was like oscillating between pre-fall, so I was confused between like winter wear I supposed to fall wear supposed to end of summer wear. It was a bit of trauma. Then I was going to this engagement for Isha and Anand and it was again, going to hotter warmer climate because it was going to Lake Como, which was warmer than London was, so then there were was, of course, black tie looks etc. And there were shoes which are always heavy and there are jacket options. You must have 3 options for every look because you never know what going to like work on that particular moment. So that, therefore, was the second one. Then I was going to Paris for Fashion Week, so I was going to Gucci show at Paris Fashion Week and then there were looks designed for that, so you must understand that you well it's very easy for you guys to just blame me for those 10 suitcases."

He continued,"And apart from that, there are causal day to day wear, there are undergarments, I carry a lot of underwear. Because I don't have time to send them always to the laundry, so I just wear fresh. And I like to change 3 underwears a day because the problem is that I don't like to be in one underwear all the time because it just makes me feel like my inners are suffering and I need to like always reinvent my inners. So, there are a lot of underwears, there a lot of socks, a lot of shoes. And that's why there was so much required and that's why those 10 suitcases. So please don't make any kind of judgment on them, because you must understand and its better than emotional baggage, you actually carry baggage."

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Karan Johar

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S111 2019-01-12T15:45:49Z Lol lol lol lol
Wow ! He did clarify it in detail !
Does anyone have anymore questions about 10 suitcases now ? I don't think so
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