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Kangana Ranaut lashes out as Anushka, Priyanka raise funds for Covid-19

Kangana Ranaut calls out celebrities as they raise fundraisers for Covid relief and ask their followers to donate money

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Kangnaa Ranaut

Courtesy : Kangnaa Ranaut

Kangnaa Ranaut

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut seems unimpressed with her contemporaries raising funds for Covid-19. A day after testing Covid negative, she took to her Instagram to share ‘lessons from the pandemic.

Kangana wrote: "Thought of the day might be complex or too evolved for few but some will get it. Lessons from the pandemic 1) No one is insignificant everyone can help but it's important to recognise your place, role and influence in the society 2) Don't beg from poor people if you are rich. 3) if your influence allows arrange for oxygen, beds or medicines for individuals you might save a few."

Raising more points in her note, she added:

"4) if you are a prominent personality then don't run after a few, protect and support the one who can save millions if right environment and support given to him..5) When that one and only power solves more than a billion people's problems of beds and oxygen in less than a week, don't forget to acknowledge your contribution to that outcome however small it may be but remember you invested yourself in it, not many will recognise your kindness, cause in life some do drama and some simply care ... Love Kangana.”

Check out her post below:

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Kangnaa Ranaut

Kangnaa Ranaut

Recently, star couple Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli surpassed the target of their Covid-19 fundraiser and collected more than Rs 11 crores after receiving massive donations from people and entrepreneurs.

On the other hand, Priyanka Chopra and husband Nick Jonas have also successfully raised one million dollars for Covid relief in India. 

Kangana Ranaut

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ChickenSoup 4 months ago Someone please take her to the psychiatric ward. She needs professional help.
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Seeasoon 4 months ago Internet connection bandh karwao inka koi😑
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Muskie 4 months ago Iska instagram kab ban hoga????😡🤦
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suresh555 4 months ago She is just a frustrated woman who has nothing going for her. She probably got tired of only speaking to her national awards as she cannot maintain relationships other than with her equally crazy sister. Atleast sister has husband (i pity him) but this nut has four walls and trophies
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Ktptalks 4 months ago She is such a weird person...she is scolding people who are actually helping...what has she done to help? She has only spread hate, that's all...
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eshasrk 4 months ago Why does this woman need to spread nonsense all the time ??? And what is she herself doing to help, besides criticising left right center ??
Jeez...........can she please shut the hell up for once !!!
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Guneet80 4 months ago Isne khud kabhi kuch kiya hai logon ke liye? All she does is sit and shit on social media
Please stop giving her a platform
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