Kangana Ranaut hits back at 'Chandramukhi 2' being called a DISASTER

Ranaut also responded to reports on calling The Vaccine War a failure.

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Kangana Ranaut

It cannot be a normal day without actor Kangana Ranaut hitting the newswagon as per usual. From being at the center of several headlines to making controversial statements in general, Ranaut never holds back with her opinions and at times, rebuttals as well.

As the actor is all set to have her mega release, Tejas happening possibly later this month, she did have one release this past week.

As known, Ranaut played the role of Chandaramukhi in Chandramukhi 2 that had its release this past week. Since then, the film hasn't received a good response at the Hindi belt and hence, an array of netizens went on to make remarks calling the film a disaster. Some of them were seen even replying to trade analysts' reviews and tweets mentioning how they are not posting the box office collections of the film because the film has flopped.

Needless to say, Ranaut was there and ready to give her response and did so one to one of the tweets. Her response read, "Badi kasak hai aapke seene mein miya.

Neend nahi aa rahi Chandramukhi ke baare mein soch rahe ho ? 

Mujhse pooch lete ek minute mein tumhari kasak ko masal deti. 

Approx 40cr WW just in 3 days.

So ja aab…"-

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Not only that, Ranaut went on to shut down a report saying The Vaccine War is a failure. She wrote, " Someone like you who sits at home knows not even F of films how do you even muster the courage to be so nasty, cruel and judgemental?”

She also questioned about the obsession with box office numbers and collection and added, "Why do you want to write such nasty things about any film? Does success means only money ?? Why do you all humiliate artists like this ? Of all the releases #VaccineWar got the best reviews, a well made film in itself is not success? Do all businesses always see profits? Some endeavours bear fruits and some don’t.

Kangana Ranaut Twitter

In the meantime, Chandramukhi 2 did receive a good response from a few critics and the viewers as well. Even the OG superstar, Rajnikanth from Chandramukhi gave his penned a sweet note for the film congratulating director Shri. P. Vasu as well as "Raghava Lawrence who has acted wonderfully."

Ranaut is also waiting for the release of Manikarnika 2, Emergency apart from Tejas.

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