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Kangana on suspension of sister Rangoli's Twitter handle; Claims she didn't promote the Genocide of Muslim believers!

Kangana Ranaut has finally spoken up in support of Rangoli Chandel who landed in controversy after slamming Farah Khan Ali and many others. She also claimed that all the allegations made against sister Rangoli are false...


Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut has finally come out in support of Rangoli Chandel after her twitter handle was suspended. The shocking incident sparked debate around the nation. The actress addressed the issue in a video, coming out strongly in defense of her sister and insisting that she “has done nothing wrong”.

Kangana took to her social media handle and shared a video emphasized on the importance of freedom of speech in a democracy, while also claiming that Rangoli didn’t promote the genocide of Muslim believers in any way. She also went on to speak her mind on other troubling issues, including branding certain groups as “terrorists” that keep doing the rounds on social media sites.

Kangana even suggested that such social media sites like twitter should be demolished and that India should start our platforms.

She signed off with a smile on her face wishing all watching a “happy lockdown.”

Check out the video below:

For the initiated, Kangana Ranaut’s sister Rangoli Chandel is known to speak her mind and at times she goes a bit too far. But she never shies away from voicing out her opinions whenever she finds a particular subject worth talking about. Rangoli’s Twitter handle is an open book and you can easily understand her personality. At times she is also known to be aggressive over her views and Twitter is not about happy with her thoughts on a particular topic and she ended up getting warnings from the social media handle.

Rangoli recently shared a Tweet of news that clearly hinted as a warning after she upset the Muslim community by talking about a certain topic which is mullahs (Mullah is the name given to teachers or scholars of Islamic learning or the leaders of mosques.) Chandel shared multiple tweets on her handle.

She further accused the social media pages of being anti-national and pro-mullahs.


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