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Kalki reveals her Pregnancy plans, wants to have a Water Delivery in Goa

While Kalki Koechlin is soaking in the pregnancy glow, a lot of negativity also rose around her getting pregnant without marriage. However, the actress stands brave against all trolls and is currently enjoying her pregnancy period...


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Bollywood actress Kalki Koechlin took the Internet by storm when she announced her pregnancy with boyfriend Guy Hershberg, a month ago. Already in her second trimester, the actress had flaunted her baby bump and posted pictures with her beau all over social media. While she is already soaking in the pregnancy glow, a lot of negativity also rose around her getting pregnant without marriage. 

Kalki recently reacted to the nasty trolls and comments and had revealed that she was a little nervous about the first announcement, but she knew that judgments are going to come up. “So like where’s the husband? How can you do this? And you know, like don’t wear tight clothes, don’t show your belly and all that stuff. So that. That comes with my territory. I’ve been used to doing that for the last 10 years with just being a celebrity. So I am okay. I’m okay right now, “ the actress said.

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Now in a recent chat with Pinkvilla, Kalki opens up about her pregnancy plans how she wants to continue working even in her eighth month of pregnancy. "Now, I'm doing a play and I'll be on stage performing Uncle Vanya by Anton Chekov. So it's a bunch of eight women together. I'll be doing it in my eighth month. That's fun and it's being produced by my own company. I'm also doing a second season of my podcast. So it's pretty chilled out," the actress reveals. 

Next, she reveals she wants to have a water delivery in Goa and goes on to explain why she opted for the decision. "I just did a lot of research on that and it's much more comfortable for the baby. Your baby is already in water, in the amniotic fluid in your body. So it makes the journey out smoother. And it's also meant to be more comfortable for the mother, especially if you are wanting to have a natural delivery,” Kalki stated.

Kalki had recently jetted off to Israel to celebrate Diwali with Guy's family. She further goes on to say, "Motherhood is a mystery. I am already thinking about what I should be doing because I can't sit at home for too long. I get bored quickly. So I'll be back with something after four to five months for sure." 

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