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Kalash..Ek Vishwas - Quite Inspiring

If you believe and have faith in the almighty, then Kalash - Ek Vishwaas is an apt show for the viewers...

Published: Saturday,Apr 11, 2015 15:44 PM GMT-06:00
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Kalash..Ek Vishwas

Monday To Friday at 08.30pm only on Life Ok

Produced By: Balaji Telefilms

Cast: Aparna Dixit, Krip Suri, Mahesh Shetty, Anil Rastogi, Parag Tyagi, Alka Amin

Story so far: Graphic narration leads you to the origin of powerful demon in Indian Mythology 'Mahishasur'. How he was born and how Durgaa Maa finished him after fighting nine days which we celebrate as 'Navratri'. The narration tells us that, whenever an evil is created, Durgaa Maa comes to destroy it in a girl form.

The story then moves forward to present day. Little Devika is dressed as Durga Maa and not happy that she has to sit on a fake lion, but her Rekha Chachi convinces her. During the pooja, people are happy to see little Devika looking like Goddess' and pray to her. Suddenly some guys come and drag a girl from the pooja. They start hitting her as they caught her with her boyfriend in compromising position. When Devika finds out that the girl's boyfriend' is none other than her Abhay Bhaiyya' (Parag Tyagi), she rushes to inform him.

Abhay has already been informed by one of his friend. Abhay's mother and Devika's dadi Savitri Devi Deol asks him to leave immediately. When the girl's family arrive to confront Ajay, Savitri Devi puts the entire blame on the girl and insults the family. Savitri Devi strongly believes that, boys can behave in anyway and can get away with it but girls has to face the consequences. Infuriated by her comment, girl's family beats her mercilessly while shocked Devika watch. Devika questions her Chachi, that since it was fault of Abhay Bhaiyya and the girl, then why only the girl is getting punished. Chachi replies, that blame falls only on the girls. Little Devika stood in front of Durga Maa and questions her existence. She blames Maa for not protecting the girl, when suddenly Mandir's roof collapsed. Devika is saved because the fallen roof gets stuck on the tips of Maa's trishul. This restores Devika's belief in Maa. She takes promise from Maa that she will save every girl. Outside, while the girl's brothers are trying to hang her, lighting falls on the tree and they run away leaving the girl.

10 years later, little Devika (Aparna Dixit) has grown into a beautiful girl. She considers Durga Maa as her friend, family, everything. Devika's dadi Savitri Devi rules their household. She favours the men of the family and look down upon the girls/women of the family. She believes in taking dowry. She believes women are meant only to raise family. Dadi is in a hurry to get Devika married but Devika wants to study further and make her own identity. She fixes Devika's marriage with one of her friend's grandson Rajesh. Rajesh wants to get married only to avoid a police case against him. As Devika waits for her exam results, Dadi demoralizes her by saying; she will surely fail in the exams.

Devika gets all her support from her Rekha Chachi and Dadaji (Anil Rastogi). Devika complains to Dadi about Rajesh's ill-manners, but she refuse to believe it. Devika thinks that only her result can change her fate. Her younger brother Sanjay (Sumeet Samnani) comes with result and announces that both he and Devika has failed in exam. Dadi declares that there will be no more college for Devika and she will learn household work. Towards Sanjay though Dadi is lenient and encourages him to try harder. When Devika argues about this bias behavior, Dadi justifies saying, Sanjay is a boy and needs to study to become someone, where as her only objective will be maintain her husband's home.

Devika is upset and throws away her result and cries. Dadaji tries to soothe her. He gives her hope saying that Ambe Maa is always with you and you just need to work little harder to achieve your dreams. Devika's professor calls to inform her about the re-exam due to missing of sheets. Devika thanks Durga Maa. Savitri goes ahead and fixes Devika's marriage with Rajesh. When she informs her family about this, all are shocked. Savitri Devi stops Devika from giving re-exam. Dadaji promises Devika that he will help her in attending the exam. Devika is going to college with friend Nimi when they come to know about auto rickshaw strike. Nimi leaves with a handsome guy on his bike leaving Devika alone. All of a sudden it starts raining. Left with no option, Devika takes cover under a shed. 

A boy, Ravi Garewal (Krip Suri) too joins her. After waiting for awhile, he takes off his shirt and waits in the middle of the road. He gets a lift from a girl with whom he flirts and leaves. While leaving he gives Devika a kite with Maa's picture on it. Devika prays to Durga Maa to let her reach college on time for the exam. When Savitri Devi (Dadi) comes in Mandir, Dada blows arti, and rings bell making it look like Durga Maa is doing it. Savitri take this signs as a warning from Devi Maa and decides to allow Devika to take the exam. Devika comes home, when Dada informs her, that dadi Savitri has agreed for the exam. When Devika ask how? Dada says Ambe Maa did this. When Savitri tells Rajesh and his grandmother to postpone the marriage, they threw a fit. Angry with their behavior, Dadi breaks the arrangement which leaves Rajesh shocked. Ravi's brother Vikas is a wedding planner who is working at Savitri Devi's residence for Ajay's engagement. Their younger brother is Abhi.

Their mother Manju Garewal (Alka Amin) is aware of Savitri Devi's reputation and informs the boys that she can get the money from her if the need arises. Ravi's only ambition is to become rich in life. With his good looks and charm, Ravi has a way with girls which he uses to get things done in his favour. Ravi shows helps Vikas in changing the lights which were destroyed due to sudden rain with the help of a girl who was the light contractor.  When Vikas asks about the electricity bill, Ravi says they will use house owner's electricity and leaves. As Devika is busy writing the exam paper, one guy throws cheating paper near her. The examiner blames Devika of cheating. She asks the examiner to check the handwriting and luckily they find the real culprit.  The examiner allows Devika to continue with the exam.

One guy comes in the examiner's cabin and warns him to pass the cheater guy. He introduces himself as a youth leader Saket (Mahesh Shetty). After terrorizing the examiner he leaves, when he saw Devika verbally thrashing the cheater guy. He asks the cheater guy to find out more about her. Vikas is stressed since Savitri Devi is refusing to give him money for his work. Devika is excited that her best friend Tanushi is getting engaged to her brother Ajay. Devika almost stumble into Ravi while he is making out with the light contractor girl in the store room. But they couldn't see each other's face.  Later the light contractor girl is bragging about her affair with Ravi. Ravi gets angry and fights with the girl. The girl throws a lamp due to which short circuit happens which leads to full fledge fire. Vikas gets nervous thinking about any causality. Ravi runs inside the mandap and finds Devika all alone there. He saves Devika. Sudden rain help dose off the fire. Devika's friends told her that a handsome guy saved her. When she realizes that it is Ravi, she says he is a cheap guy. Ravi's brother praises him for saving a girl. Vikas is worried about the loss he has to face. Dadaji receives a call informing that Devika has passed her exam. Dadaji asks her collect her mark sheet from college. Ravi is driving his girlfriend's car and Devika is sitting in her friend's car. By mistake Devika gets into Ravi's car. Thinking that his girlfriend is back Ravi starts driving till he realizes that there is somebody else in the car. Devika too is puzzled. Ravi's girlfriend accuses him of stealing his car. Ravi thinks that ever since he knows Devika, bad is happening with him. Vikas goes to Savitri Devi to collect his money but she refuses.  When Vikas's mother Manju Garewal comes to know this she gets furious. Savitri Devi and Manju Garewal get into an ugly fight over this. Ravi and Devika both apply for a post in Rakesh Lahotra's company. Manju Garewal is talking with a lawyer to file a case against Savitri Devi. Lawyer informs them that since Vikas doesn't have any receipts, nothing can be done. Frustrated Manju asks Ravi to trap a girl from their family and run away to malign Savitri Devi's image. Ravi refuses to this.  Savitri Devi removes her anger on Devika and stops her from applying for the job. Dada decides to play a trick. When Savitri Devi is sleeping, Rekha Chachi dressed as Durga Maa appears in front of her and admonishes her. Rekha (Durga Maa) warns Savitri Devi to allow Devika to do the job. Afraid of Devi Maa's anger, Savitri Devi allows Devika to go for job. On their way to job interview, Devika and Ravi get into the same rickshaw. They fight with each other. Upset Devika leaves in another rickshaw. The youth leader Saket watches this and asks his man about her.

The man gives her name Devika Deol'. In the company, Ravi goes to washroom to clean coffee stains, when he meet the receptionist. As per Ravi's plan, she collects all candidates' CVs and gives them to him. He sees that Devika's marks are higher than everyone. He wears a suit and meets Devika as the senior designer manager. He informs her that the position for which she was applying is already taken by someone from MD's family. Devika feels guilty for thinking wrongly about him. Outside Devika spots Mata temple and prays for one more opportunity. Due to breeze her file gets opened and she finds some documents are missing. To retrieve them she go back in the company. At a vegetable market, Savitri Devi and Manju Garewal fight over a single pumpkin. Soon they start throwing vegetables on each other. Lady police comes and arrest them both. In the company, Devika realizes Ravi's plan and confront him. Both challenge each other in getting the job. Devika and Ravi both work hard on their designs to impress their employers. Manuja decides to ruin Abhay's wedding. In temple, by accident, Ravi and Devika's holders get exchanged. When they check out each other's design, both get impressed with other's work. They return each other's folder. While returning she witness Manuja desperately praying to Maa for Ravi's job and well being of her household. Hearing this, Devika realizes that Ravi and his family need this job more than her. Also she understands if he didn't get the job not only Ravi but his mother too will loose faith in Maa. Devika decides that she won't let it happen. As she is engrossed in thoughts, she is about to fall but Ravi catches her in his arms and both stare into each other eyes.

What works: Aparna Dixit's striking face and beautiful expressions helps her portray docile Devika Deol'. Krip Suri's Ravi Garewal is a total contrast to Aparna's quite Devika. Both the personalities are different as chalk and cheese. The difference in their thinking, values are shown nicely through small incidents. The rest of the cast compliment the lead pair effortlessly. The script showcases Devika's connection with Maa Durga beautifully.

What doesn't work: The fixation of showing Krip Suri aka Ravi's shirtless body sometimes looks unnecessary. Also, in the family of full grown adult males, why no one supports Devika against Dadi is puzzling. Dadi and Manju Garewal's quarrel over a single pumpkin and other incidents are bit immature.

Our take: In modern times, where spirituality has taken a back seat, this show can once again help you connect with The Divine Power'. Like Devika, we have to entrust our faith in the almighty's power to help us achieve our dreams. Importantly the show confirms that God helps those who help themselves'. Devika and Ravi firmly believes in their dreams and aspire to achieve them in life. What Durga Maa has in store for them, only the coming episodes will tell us.

Parag Tyagi Alka Amin Mahesh Shetty Krip Suri Aparna Dixit Kalash - Ek Vishwaas  Life OK 

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RisingPhoenix 8 years ago Kalash - Ek vishwaas rocks!!!
Krip Suri rocks!!!
Aparna Dixit rocks
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ReneeLalitFan 8 years ago Loving this show ! Ravi and Devika look hot together
Reply thumbs-up 1 thumbs-down
Preet_KK 8 years ago Comment (Minimum 25 characters) I m watching this show because of krip he is looking dam hot n also good story
all the best to kalash team
Reply thumbs-up 1 thumbs-down
RisingPhoenix 8 years ago Kalash - Ek Vishwaas rocks!!!
Krip Suri Rocks!!!
Aparna dixit Rocks!!!
Its an awesome show and the best part is that it focuses on women empowerment
Loving it and I hope it remains interesting
Reply thumbs-up 1 thumbs-down
Preet_KK 8 years ago I m liking this serial very much
hope it will not disappoint in future like other serial which starts in good node then changes like typical boring Stretched story
Reply thumbs-up 2 thumbs-down
Shreya30456 8 years ago Comment (Minimum 25 characters)Nyc serial the actors are good
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Rimu_coldfire 8 years ago Firstly the story so far was very confusing...Somewhere it is written Devika's brother's name is Abhay again its written Ajay...a lesser detailed update could also have done...
It looks like a good show, hope it remains so...
Reply thumbs-up 2 thumbs-down
Premarlove455 8 years ago Thank u :)
Keep rocking Aparna Dixit & Krip Suri,
Reply thumbs-up 1 thumbs-down
not.here 8 years ago This sounds like an interesting show with some good ideas and highlights that there is a difference to how girls and guys are treated. However I am not sure if the essence of what they are trying to show will not be lost under TRPs and eventually it will be indistinguishable from other shows.
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