Junooniyatt: Jordon records Jahaan cutting the wires to postpone the music competition

Gear up for an exciting episode of Colors’ show ‘Junooniyatt’. Read on to know more.

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Colors’ show ‘Junooniyatt’ is getting quite interesting with each passing episode.

In the previous episode, as Beeji prepares to feed Elahi food laced with bhasam, Lucky appears and requests to be fed as well. In a moment of quick thinking, Elahi drops the food on the floor to save Lucky from being poisoned. Furious, Elahi confronts Beeji and demands to know why she has been adding bhasam to her food. Beeji is shocked and apologizes, even offering to leave the house. Elahi urges Beeji to stay and issues a warning, promising not to tell Amar as long as she doesn't repeat the act. Jahaan devises a plan to postpone the second round of the competition, and he sets to work learning how to cut wires from electrical appliances by watching videos on his laptop. 

In the meantime, Amardeep gifts Elahi with a black thread that was once her mother's most trusted lucky charm. Elahi ties the thread around Jahaan's hand for good luck and safety. On the day of the competition, Jordan's family wishes him well, and Amardeep extends her good wishes to Elahi. However, Elahi becomes worried when she can't find Jahaan backstage.

In tonight’s episode, Jordan and Jahaan exchange heated words, with Jordan mocking Jahaan for not being a part of the competition. Despite Elahi's pleas, the other participants refuse to postpone the round for Jahaan, but Jordan agrees to help. Meanwhile, Jahaan sneaks into the meter room to check the wires. 

As Elahi performs on stage, Jahaan contemplates cutting the wires to delay the round. After some hesitation, he musters up the courage to do so, causing the auditorium lights to go out. The round is postponed due to the electrical issues, but Jordan discovers that Jahaan was behind it and threatens to send him back to Canada with a video of him cutting the wires.