Junooniyatt: Elahi finally learns about Beeji’s true intentions

Gear up for an exciting episode of Colors’ show ‘Junooniyatt’.

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Colors’ show ‘Junooniyatt’ has kept the fans hooked to the show.

In the previous episodes of the show, Jahaan seeks advice from a doctor regarding his vocal cords, hoping to participate in the second round of the competition. Unfortunately, the doctor informs him that singing is not an option as his vocal cords need proper rest, or he may lose his voice permanently. We see Jahaan struggling with this news. Meanwhile, Maheep shows her frustration by almost damaging Jordan's keytar, but he stops her, promising his mother that he will not lose his focus. 

In Canada, Jahaan's family informs him that they are trying their best to come to India, but he insists that they don't, saying he will manage on his own. Husna brings Kadha and Parantha for Jahaan, but he refuses them when he learns they're from Elahi. Elahi leaves the Kadha in front of Jahaan's house and walks away. Later, Elahi and Jahaan communicate via placards on their respective terraces. Jahaan agrees to drink the Kadha only if Elahi promises not to talk to him again. The next day, Elahi requests the organizers to postpone the second round due to Jahaan's condition.

In the upcoming episode, Elahi confronts Jahaan about a car race he participated in with Jordan. However, Jahaan refuses to discuss it and tells her to leave him alone. Jordan taunts Jahaan, claiming that he will lose Elahi and never achieve his dreams.

 Inderjeet intervenes, telling Jordan to prove himself without his mother's help. Jordan receives missed calls from Elahi and leaves to meet her. When Elahi asks Jordan about the car race, he evades the question. Meanwhile, Elahi notices Beeji mixing bhasam into the food while talking to Happy, leaving Elahi shocked.

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