Junooniyat: Maheep plans to sabotage Elahi’s confidence ahead of the singing competition

Gear up for an exciting episode of Colors’ show ‘Junooniyat’.

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Maheep and Elahi

Colors’ show ‘Junooniyat’ has kept the fans hooked with the current twist as finally, Beeji has given her permission to Elahi to pursue her singing career, however, she is trying hard to impact Elahi’s voice.

In the previous episodes of the show, as the Great Indian Voice Competition approaches, Husna takes photos of Jahaan and Elahi. However, Jordan steps in and Husna ends up capturing photos of him with Elahi. Meanwhile, Beeji is seen tampering with Elahi's food, but her plan is nearly discovered when Amardeep unexpectedly walks in. Beeji feeds the adulterated food to Elahi, hoping to affect her voice. Amardeep gifts Elahi a second-hand harmonium and promises to buy her a new one. Diljyot advises Jahaan to have patience in order to discover if Elahi truly loves him. Inderjeet strikes a deal with Maheep that if Jordan doesn't win the competition, he will arrange Jordan's marriage to Malhotra's daughter. Later, Jahaan surprises Elahi with fireflies and together they enjoy a magical moment as they practice under the tree.

In tonight’s episode, Maheep is filled with rage as she looks at a photo of Jordan and Elahi together in Jordan's room. She becomes more determined than ever to sabotage Elahi's chances of competing. Amardeep wishes Elahi luck and encourages her not to give up, while Maheep does the same for Jordan, but with the reminder of the ‘shart’ (agreement). 

Beeji tries to carry out her plan of poisoning Amardeep's food but is forced to improvise when he's about to eat the same adulterated dish meant for Elahi. Meanwhile, tensions rise between Jordan and Jahaan during an argument over Elahi. During the audition, Maheep orders Jordan's friends to sabotage her confidence.

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