Junooniyat: Jahaan and Jordan try to prove Elahi’s innocence

Gear up for an exciting episode of Colors’ show ‘Junooniyatt’.

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Elahi, Jordan and Jahaan

Colors’ show ‘Junooniyatt’ is loved by the viewers. The show is produced by Ravi Dubey and Sargun Mehta’s production house Dremiyata Pvt Ltd. The show has a stellar star cast, including actors like Ankit Gupta, Gautam Vig, Neha Rana, among others. The show has taken an exciting turn, with both Jahaan and Jordon developing feelings for Elahi while Maheep is hell-bent on sabotaging Elahi’s singing career.

In the previous episode, Jordan gets into a fight with another boy who made inappropriate remarks about Elahi. Maheep reprimands him for losing his focus, but Jordan insists he won't tolerate anyone disrespecting Elahi. Meanwhile, Elahi impresses Beeji and Bua with her singing skills and clears the first round of auditions. On the other hand, Inderjit suggests Maheep fix Jordan and Malhotra's daughter- marriage, but she refuses to do so. Jordan tries to call Elahi, but she doesn't answer.

In the upcoming episode, Jahaan and Jordan discuss Elahi's safety, while Inderjit offers to get the go-ahead in a singing contest titled ‘The Great Indian Voice’, but he declines. Jahaan sees Elahi coughing and asks his mother for a remedy. Diljyot suggests Elahi use fitkari (alum), piquing the latter’s curiosity. Elahi excitedly tells the two other girls that the competition results are out, as we see them holding gas cans.

Furthermore, Elahi discovers she made it to the next round with Jahaan and Jordan. However, Maheep accuses Elahi of trying to eliminate the other two girls by putting gas in the washroom. Jahaan defends Elahi, but Bua and Dadi are happy that Elahi could be rusticated. Maheep asks for proof of Elahi's innocence, and Jahaan and Elahi find CCTV footage from a nearby house. 

Will Elahi be able to prove her innocence? Only time will reveal.

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