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Juhi Chawla reveals having a Panic Attack during Self-Quarantine amid COVID-19 outbreak!

Juhi Chawla recalls her horrifying experience during the quarantine amid the coronavirus outbreak. She shared her experience and revealed having a panic attack...


Courtesy : Deccan Herald

The coronavirus has brought the world to a standstill and several are finding it difficult to cope up with it. While many Bollywood celebrity children are gradually returning home, actress Juhi Chawla’s kids - Jhanvi and Arjun were at their boarding school in the UK at the time of the COVID-19 outbreak before she decided to fly them down. 

However, she wished her family to be together. “I have brought my son back home with me to Mumbai, but my daughter is a little stubborn (laughs). It makes me feel secure she’s staying with her grandparents in Uganda. However, I wish we could all be together now,” said the actress. 

The coronavirus outbreak has led everyone towards self-isolation and sharing her experience about the same, Juhi said, 

A few nights ago, I had a panic attack. My mind was racing ahead and I was worrying what if we’re unable to battle this pandemic. I woke up and told myself to stop thinking.

- Juhi Chawla

During her conversation with Hindustan Times, the Ishq actor talked about the daily activities she has been following and the skills she has been learning. She said, "I was learning to sing but gave up a few months ago as I couldn’t focus. My teacher messaged and I felt this is the best time to resume training since I’m grounded at home. I’m taking lessons online. Apart from that, I’ve been reading and watching films. My son and I’ve taken to watering our garden. And my mother-in-law has given us the duty to do the puja in the house."

She believes the lockdown is grounding everyone. “Whenever I stay home, I always experience a fear of missing out and so, I want to keep running around. But this time, staying at home feels like a detox. The best thing to do is to look around yourself and feel grateful,” says Chawla.

Emphasizing how each person should help those in need, she says, “The simplest thing that we can do right now is show kindness and consideration. There’s a 96-year-old woman living all by herself in Mahim. Her children are abroad and they aren’t able to send her money. Since there’s a lockdown, I can’t send food across to her every other day but I’m trying to help her as much as I can.”


Juhi Chawla

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