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Jimmy Kimmel & Trevor Noah Look For Laughter Amid The Coronavirus Crisis

Jimmy Kimmel & Trevor Noah are looking positivity among the coronavirus crisis.


Jimmy Kimmel, Trevor Noah and other Late Late shows have been filming while in quarantine with daily episodes posted every night on youtube.

As Jimmy Kimmel enters Week 2 of quarantine episodes, the once-and-future ABC late-night host said tonight, “I hope you and your loved ones are safe and being smart — because not everyone is.” Showing a photo of people gathered on a beach boardwalk, he added, “These stupid people do not seem to understand how sick I am of playing Candyland with my children.”

Such is the wrath of the COVID-19 isolation.

Kimmel was also a guest on the Howard Stern show in its return to SiriusXM this morning, used tonight’s “minilogue” to pick apart a Donald Trump tweet (“He somehow manages to be racist while telling other people not to be racist”), chastise Rand Paul for not self-isolating while awaiting the results of his coronavirus test (“Maybe he’s going around to every supermarket in Kentucky licking all of the shopping carts) and newly diagnosed Harvey Weinstein (“I thought it might be nice to hear some good news.”

Watch the minilogue below.

Earlier today, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah posted a “PSA for the Unwanted Groceries” that panic-buyers are leaving on store shelves. Backed by dirge-like music, the clip flashes images of such underappreciated delicacies as carrot spirals, Beyond sausages and Mayochup and Mayocue sauces.

“Won’t you please give these unwanted groceries a loving home?” Trevor asks. For the love of humanity, people, pick up some sliced conch! 

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