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Jhansi Ki Rani: Two Versions, One Queen! How do They Fare?

We compared Zee TV's version with Colors' version and compiled some similarities and dissimilarities...


Period dramas are quite popular on television. Maharana Pratap, Shobha Somnath Ki, Razia Sultan, Ashoka, Chandragupta Mourya are few of the appreciated shows that showcased lives of the brave warriors and the hardships they faced in order to achieve their goals. Contiloe Pictures produced Jhansi Ki Rani in 2009  aired on Zee TV. Starring Ulka Gupta as the young Laxmibai (Manikarnika/Manu) and Kratika Sengar Dheer as the grownup queen, the show garnered a huge fanbase. 

The show went off-air in 2011.

After 10 years, Contiloe Pictures announced yet another show on the same subject. Titled Khoob Ladi Mardani- Jhansi Wali Rani, it stars Anushka Sen as Laxmibai. The show, too revolves, around Queen Laxmibai's life but as per our observation, it delves deeper on the political narrative between the Queen and her husband Gangadhar Rao.

With about 67 episodes released till date, we found some prominent differences and miss-outs from the show when compared to Zee TV's Jhansi Ki Rani.

Let's have a look at them, one by one:

Manu's Father, Moropant Tambe: A Revolutionary?

In Zee TV show, Moropant Tambe was never seen as a revolutionary till the time he took the sword to be a part of Laxmibai's army at a very later stage to help the grownup queen, but he never fought under some pseudo name. Whereas in the show on Colors TV, he is a revolutionary under a disguised name of Bharat who leads a secret army against the British guided by Peshwa Bajirao II.

Peshwa Bajirao II's Vahini Sahab: Where is She?

Vahini Sahab had a vital role in the Zee TV show because she was against Manu's warrior behaviour. But at a later stage, she accepts the fact and is supportive of the queen. Played by Aruna Irani, the character's presence was felt in the show for quite a long time. Ironically, there is no appearance of Vahini Sahab in the 2019 show.

Where are the Queen's Aides? 

Three well-mentioned servants of the queen who even took part in her army were: Sundar, Mundar and Kashi. Although mentioned in the old show, Sundar and Mundar are missing in the new one. While Kashi has been introduced, there are no mentions of the other two, who were always there for queen's help.

Too much drama around the wedding:

The 2009 show didn't have such a huge drama during the wedding of King Gangadhar Rao and Manikarnika. In the Anushka Sen starrer, the wedding almost broke up two to three times and after a lot of drama, they finally get hitched.

Do Janki Bai and Sakku Bai Wear Too Much Jewellery?

Janki Bai and Sakku Bai, two probable heirs of the throne of Jhansi are common in both the shows but what we found slightly odd was the amount of jewellery both the queens sport in the new version. 

Is Kranti Guru missing?

In 2009, there was an introduction of Kranti Guru in the Zee TV show who was basically Queen Laxmibai's revolutionary identity in disguise. But in the new show, there are no mentions of Kranti Guru.

We could spot these differences. Let us know your findings in the comments section.

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MelodiousDreams 11 months ago Zee's JKR had such a strong principal cast who could hold their own individually and play off of each other well. Ulka Gupta and Kratika Sengar both brought out the strength and softness of the young girl-turned-queen; it's quite remarkable how they conveyed those qualities in their own ways. Sameer Dharmadhikari was, and always will be, fit to be a king. The Ulka-Sameer-Kratika trio has gained so much more appreciation over time, as well! In Colors' KLM: JKR, Anuja Sathe is fabulous and has the aura of a true queen! For that casting choice alone, I was curious to see how Contiloe would repackage the same historical story...and yeah, Anuja is in a league of her own here, unlike in Peshwa Bajirao, where she had an equally talented onscreen partner in Manish Wadhwa to create magic with!
Lincy_Lins 1 years ago Original is always best.... 😎Definitely Kratika Sengar & Ulka nailed it... 2009 JKR's BGs, Title track was so so superb goosebumps moments 👌🏻👌🏻 Kratika Sengar's performance was top notch 👌🏻👏🏻🙏🏻 "Ek Veer Stree Ki Kahaani - Jhansi Ki Rani" was Best, is best and will be best forever... 😎
Keerthana_KSian 1 years ago 1st version always remains the best.. Ulka Gupta and Kratika Sengar nailed it....
ltelidevara 1 years ago Older version is a masterpiece. Absolutely no comparison .
Reenatyzed 1 years ago Original JKR was a master piece. With no dragging and full of suspense. I remember how impatiently I used to wait for it's epis and it was worth it First Ulka Gupta and then Kratika Sengar nailed it. Along with supporting cast like Amit patchori, Aruna Irani, Sameer dharmadikhari and others
ALUJNA21 1 years ago Ulka nailed it, then came Kratika who also made her place. These two for me were the best.
Shaina_b 1 years ago The older version was better!!! New show is more a combination of a Gul show and a saas-bahu show!!!!
LovingRaYa 1 years ago The new version of Jhansi ki Rani doing good as all actors are performing well but I Miss the older version n really like both the actresses who played role of Queen laxmibai
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