Jhanak: Arshi consumes sleeping pills, vows to take revenge on Jhanak

Jhanak written update, 12th March, 2024: Overwhelmed by Anirudh's betrayal, Arshi consumes sleeping pills.

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Chandni Sharma
Chandni Sharma as Arshi in Jhanak.

The episode of Jhanak tonight commences with Jhanak asserting her independence, declaring that she will venture alone and face whatever consequences may arise, even if it means being abducted by Tejas.

 Anjana consoles her, assuring her of Anirudh's unwavering support, but Jhanak expresses her reluctance to accept it at this moment. Arshi voices her dismay over Anirudh's decision to marry Jhanak, questioning the ease with which one can remarry. Shrishti interjects, reminding Arshi about a previous conversation regarding a band, which Arshi had dismissed. Jhanak confides in them about her desire to end her marriage, prompting Anjana to worry about the repercussions, including the possibility of Jhanak being forced into a marriage with Tejas. Jhanak reassures her that she hasn't given them that chance. Anjana, feeling helpless, expresses her fear for Jhanak's safety and well-being, acknowledging Jhanak's sacrifices for the family. 

Vinayak attempts to comfort Anjana, recounting Anirudh's desperate pleas and tears, and his desire to marry Anjana. Shrishti defends Arshi's innocence and naivety, blaming Anirudh for repeatedly betraying her trust. Vinayak agrees to annul the marriage but faces opposition from Shrishti, who is determined to send Jhanak away. Arshi, overwhelmed with emotions, refuses to engage further and leaves in tears, prompting Vinayak to reprimand Shrishti for her insensitivity.

Meanwhile, Anirudh reaches out to Arshi, professing his love and pleading with her not to let their relationship crumble. Arshi, however, lashes out at him, accusing him of betrayal and expressing her resolve to end her life. Despite their argument, Anirudh respects her decision and urges her to reconsider, promising that once they reunite, their troubles will dissipate. As Arshi contemplates her next move, she recalls the pain of witnessing Anirudh marrying Jhanak and the public humiliation she endured. Overcome with despair, she consumes sleeping pills, blaming Anirudh for her misery and vowing revenge against Jhanak. Anirudh's attempts to reach her go unanswered, leaving him distraught.


In the preview for the next episode, tensions escalate as Jhanak faces arrest, only for Tejas to intervene, claiming her as his fiancée. Meanwhile, Arshi locks herself in her room, leaving Anirudh anxious and worried about her well-being.

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