Jhanak: Arshi and Anirudh’s family learn about his wedding with Jhanak

Jhanak written update, 9th March, 2024: Anirudh and Jhanak’s wedding secret out.

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Jhanak: Arshi and Anirudh’s family learn about his wedding with Jhanak
A still from the upcoming episode of Jhanak.

The episode of Jhanak tonight begins with Arshi expressing her need to come for a picture, which Anirudh questions the importance of and subsequently tears it up, much to Jhanak's shock. 

Anirudh throws the torn picture away, declaring the matter settled and urging Arshi not to embarrass him publicly. Jhanak leaves the scene, while Appu expresses her disappointment over the torn picture and criticizes Anirudh's behavior, prompting Arshi to engage in a heated argument with him and scold Jhanak, comparing her unfavorably to Laxmi. Arshi decides to leave, and Tanuja sympathizes with her, understanding her frustration with Anirudh's lack of regard for the picture's significance.

The next morning, Jhanak brings a cake as the festivities continue. Anirudh and Arshi dance all night, with Jhanak noticing Anirudh's gaze. As everyone enjoys the celebrations, Shrishti leaves the dance floor, and Anirudh and Arshi's dance concludes with applause from the guests. Appu approaches Jhanak, questioning her absence from the party planning, and Jhanak explains that she is serving juice as instructed by Tanuja. Choton compliments Jhanak's appearance and remarks on her compliance with others' orders, leading to a discussion about the events of the previous day. Appu shares her perspective on Anirudh's character, while Jhanak acknowledges his kindness but highlights the disparity between his words and actions. Choton encourages Jhanak to wait for the advertising campaign's release before judging the situation's outcome, leaving her with a hopeful smile.

Meanwhile, Bipasha and Tanuja observe Jhanak and Choton's conversation, with Tanuja reprimanding Jhanak for talking to Choton without permission. As Anirudh reflects on the need to disclose his and Jhanak's truth to Arshi before the wedding announcement, Lal shares information about Shrishti's arrival with Tejas. Anirudh seeks a private conversation with Arshi, while Rumi and Mimi take selfies, and Bipasha resolves to inform Tanuja discreetly. Amidst the festivities, Dada and Dadi engage in playful banter, eliciting laughter from everyone. Shubh suggests initiating the wedding announcement, with Shrishti inviting Tejas onstage. Much to Anirudh and Jhanak's dismay, Tejas appears, causing Jhanak to tremble uncontrollably. As Anirudh signals to Choton, Shrishti introduces Tejas to the guests, leaving Jhanak and Anirudh in distress.


Everyone reacts in shock upon viewing the marriage video, prompting Shrishti to confront Anirudh, who apologizes to Arshi for his actions. However, Arshi accuses him of betrayal, leading to an apology from Jhanak and Arshi's departure.

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