Jhanak: Anirudh rushes Arshi to the hospital, his family blames Jhanak for everything

Jhanak written update: Anirudh learns of Arshi consuming the pills and rushes her to the hospital.

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Krushal Ahuja and Chandni Sharma in Jhanak. Image Courtesy: Star Plus

The episode of Jhanak tonight begins with Dadi entering and asking Jhanak to get ready. Jhanak replies, "Just 5 minutes." 

Anirudh learns of Arshi locking herself in her room:

Bipasha mentions that they need to remove her sindoor. Jhanak agrees to do it immediately. However, Dadi suggests performing the rituals at the ghat instead. Anirudh observes and wonders why they need to go there; couldn't it be done at home? He ponders if they have ulterior motives. Dadi insists on getting ready, and they proceed. Meanwhile, Shrishti knocks on the door, urging Arshi to open it. Concerned, Vinayak reassures Shrishti that Arshi might be sleeping and advises her to remain calm. The maids speculate about Arshi's actions, including rumors of Anirudh marrying the housemaid. Shrishti threatens Anirudh over a call, claiming she'll send him and Jhanak to jail if Arshi doesn't open the door. Tanuja inquires about the call, and Anirudh explains the situation. Shrishti continues her threats, prompting Anirudh to hang up and decide to visit Arshi's house. Anjana questions him about Shrishti's call, and he informs her that Arshi isn't opening the door, requesting Choton's assistance. Worried, Tanuja warns Anirudh of dire consequences if anything happens to Arshi.

Anirudh arrives at Arshi's place:

As Anirudh heads to Arshi's place, Vinayak tries to console Shrishti and calls out for Arshi. He reassures her that they'll find a solution and even considers calling a carpenter to open the door. Shrishti expresses her determination to take action against Jhanak. Anirudh arrives and reassures Shrishti that Arshi might simply be sleeping. He knocks on the door, urging Arshi to open it. Meanwhile, Shubh suggests they accompany Anirudh, while Tanuja expresses her fear. Shubh warns about potential legal consequences if something happens to Arshi, and Bipasha agrees to go with them. She instructs Anjana discreetly and accuses Jhanak of the incident. Jhanak overhears this. Choton questions why Anirudh married Jhanak, blaming Tejas for their forced marriage and potential dangers they faced.

Anirudh learns of Arshi consuming the pills:

The doctor arrives, and Anirudh attempts to break the lock, injuring himself in the process. Shrishti notices his bleeding hand. Anirudh eventually breaks the door and rushes in. Arshi shows signs of life, and the doctor administers aid. Anirudh discovers a letter and pockets it. Jhanak expresses remorse, but Anjana defends her, blaming Tejas instead. Shubh and others inquire about Arshi's condition, with Shrishti accusing Anirudh. The doctor injects Arshi, and she begins to respond. Anjana suggests that marriage might resolve everything. Jhanak agrees and laments her situation. Anjana consoles her, emphasizing the need to persevere. Bipasha and Choton reassure that Arshi will recover. Arshi regains consciousness but feels drowsy. The doctor advises taking her to the hospital for detox. Anirudh expresses his anguish over Arshi's actions, but Shubh defends their love. Anirudh explains his actions, defending their survival. He carries Arshi away. Meanwhile, Jhanak feeds Appu, attempting to maintain composure. Anjana defends Jhanak against Dadi's accusations, but Dadi remains unconvinced, warning Anjana against siding with Jhanak.


In the precap, Jhanak visits the temple, and Arshi wipes her sindoor and breaks her bangles, observed by Anirudh.

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