Jhanak: Anirudh expresses his love to Arshi but deals with conflicting emotions

Jhanak written update, 15th March, 2024: Anirudh deals with conflicting emotions.

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Jhanak: Anirudh expresses his love to Arshi but deals with conflicting emotions
Krushal Ahuja as Anirudh.

The episode of Jhanak tonight begins with Vinayak expressing urgency as Arshi has consumed sleeping pills. 

Jhanak explains her stand:

Arshi is taken inside, and Vinayak proceeds to fill out the necessary forms. Meanwhile, Anirudh pulls Choton aside, and Dadi asserts her intention to put an end to Arshi's pretense of being a married woman. Jhanak interjects, defending her mother and revealing her desire to accompany Arshi, though her request was denied. Dadi dismisses Jhanak's actions as wrong, while Choton reassures Anirudh that Arshi will recover and be discharged soon.

 Anirudh, however, expresses concern over a potentially larger issue and shares a troubling note with Choton. The note implicates Jhanak in a tragic event, leaving both Anirudh and Choton puzzled. Meanwhile, Jhanak tearfully discloses the truth about her forced marriage, insisting that Sir Ji harbors affection for Arshi and wishes to marry her. Dadi interrupts, admonishing Jhanak for her theatrics.

Anirudh vows to stand by Arshi:

As the situation unfolds, a nurse requests the presence of Arshi's family members. Anirudh and Vinayak step forward, and the nurse explains that Arshi requires detoxification treatment before they can speak with her. Vinayak expresses relief at the news, while Anirudh pledges to support Arshi through her recovery. Vinayak implores Anirudh never to hurt Arshi again, to which Anirudh solemnly agrees, professing his love for her. However, Choton privately doubts Anirudh's sincerity and suspects that his affections lie elsewhere. Meanwhile, tensions escalate between Shrishti and Anirudh as they clash over Arshi's care. Despite Anirudh's attempts to console Arshi, she rebuffs his assistance, prompting a heated exchange between the two families. Eventually, Arshi expresses her desire to return home, and Anirudh vows to stand by her side.

Anirudh struggles with his emotions

Later, tensions continue to simmer as the families deliberate on their next steps. Tanuja extends an olive branch to Shrishti, expressing regret for her son's actions, while Choton insists on prioritizing Arshi's well-being. Meanwhile, Dadi hints at a mysterious plan involving the Ganga ghat, leaving Jhanak visibly distressed. Arshi confronts Anirudh, questioning the authenticity of their relationship, while Anirudh reassures her of his love. However, Anirudh's inner turmoil becomes evident as he struggles with conflicting emotions. In a moment of vulnerability, he sees Jhanak's image overlaid with Arshi's, leaving him shaken. Despite Arshi's declarations of love, Anirudh is haunted by uncertainty as the episode concludes.


In the preview, Arshitakes a drastic step at the temple, wiping Jhanak’s sindoor and breaking her bangles, as Anirudh watches helplessly.

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Anirudh is confused man. He needs to decide what he wants and should stick to his decision.

2 months ago

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