Jhanak: Anirudh and Jhanak escape the police blockade

In the episode of Star Plus' show Jhanak tonight, Anirudh and Jhanak will be seen escaping from the police blockade safely.

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The episode begins with the inspector not seeing Jhanak's face and allowing her to go. Anirudh drives away, and Tejas inquires about the passenger. The inspector informs him that it's a tourist from Delhi who has booked a houseboat. Jhanak expresses relief, but Anirudh warns that they could still be in jeopardy. Tejas arrives at Jhanak's village, and she insists on getting out of the car for her safety and Anirudh's. Anirudh reassures her, stating he knows what he is doing. Tejas interrogates the villagers, threatening to harm the entire village if they don't reveal Jhanak's whereabouts. The villagers feign ignorance, protecting Jhanak.

Meanwhile, Anirudh receives a call from Arshi and lies about his safety. She questions him about not going to Mama's house, and he assures her that he will reach soon. Anirudh shares a piece of important news, but Arshi suggests they discuss it later due to the risky situation. Jhanak apologizes for involving Anirudh in her troubles, and he comforts her, emphasizing their need to return the rented car.

Back at the Chaturvedi house, Bharat and Lakshman discuss Jhanak's escape, fearing Tejas's retaliation. Dadi raises questions about Anirudh and Jhanak, expressing concern about their involvement. Bharat is apprehensive about Jhanak's return.

Anirudh encourages Jhanak during their journey, and they reach the train station. Jhanak expresses gratitude, and Anirudh suggests she go home while he returns the rented car. He offers her money, anticipating her potential need for shelter. Jhanak declines the money, emphasizing her determination to be independent. Anirudh encourages her to move on from the past and make a new start. They part ways with a handshake, and Anirudh expresses concern but acknowledges Arshi's feelings and leaves.

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Which bengali serial's remake is this?

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