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Jhalak anchor Mona Singh gives her 'Gyaan' on the reality show

Mona Singh talks about the contestants in Jhalak, her personal favorite, about the voting pattern and much more..


Jhalak 2 anchor, Mona Singh feels that that the second season of this SET reality show is a step ahead of season 1. "All the performances are of a higher level. Having somebody like Sudha Chandran is great. Imagine a classical dancer working wonders with ball room dancing . Her costumes, jhaktas and jadoo really raise the bar."

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So who among the remaining 9 celebs, has the most spunk? "Its not that, what really matters is the effort. Mir Ranjan Negi is the surprise package of the lot . He dances so gracefully . Remember, this hockey legend is totally new to the arc lights. The rest of them at least, have some knowledge about facing the camera."

Mona refused to comment on Mika playing to the galleries, in order to win votes. "To each, his own. Some contestants take the game too seriously, while my favorite Cyrus, just freaks out on stage" Do you think that the audiences vote for the performance or for the celeb? " Its very difficult to judge, for during my time, the janta voted for their jassi, but this time even Negi is winning huge votes."

Mona calls all the 3 judges total dhamaal "Its great fun to see Jeetu ji shake a leg. Urmila's marking is always spot on, last but not the least, watching Shaimak attempt Hindi is super fun",she grinned.

Since you were the winner of season 1,any tips to the present jodis? "Just be your self, the public is shana, they know who is genuine and who is doing natak."

Author : Anil Merani
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blyton 12 years ago So typical of Mona: naughty abut diplomatic!! So cryus is her!! :D
-tanya- 12 years ago i cant wait to watch tonites episode...i am so excited and anxious to see prachi and
sim_indian 12 years ago totally agree with her..
thanx for the article
~*puja*~ 12 years ago I'm glad that I'm not the only one annoyed by Mika's antics to get votes and not work hard!
maha_prakrti 12 years ago Ha.. Jassi ne theek hi kaha hai.. Shana!!!!!!!! Hum hain hi
~RexKiRani~ 12 years ago i like mona she is rockin as usual
kubare 12 years ago Good answers by Mona darling....Thanks fr the article....:)
adoremevirgo 12 years ago quite intelligent replies from mona singh
yipee 12 years ago u r right..we know who is mika
sangitadas 12 years ago Well Said Mona.

The public knows really who is genuine and who's fake
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